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Anglais Santé Symposium 2022

Friday, February 18, 2022 09:30to13:00

The McGill University School of Continuing Studies is proud to announce that the Anglais Santé Symposium will take place on Friday, February 18th, 2022. The focus of this year's event is Demystifying the Quebec Healthcare System. Featuring health care professionals from across the sector, the sessions will provide teachers of language for health care purposes with an overarching view of the organizational structure within which our students work as well as a fresh perspective on the roles played by the various actors in the health care sector.


9:30 - Welcome and Jeopardy (Category: Quebec’s Administrative Regions)

10:05 - Demystifying Quebec’s Health Care System

Dr. Pierre Gfeller, MD, CM, MBA, MAA, DESS (Santé publique), President and Executive Director of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

Pierre Gfeller has built a dynamic career in health care over nearly 40 years that includes a host of roles and accomplishments, which have been recognized by peers and decision-makers in the Québec health and social services network alike. From his start as a family physician to his evolution as a senior executive, improving the quality of care has been the thread that pulls him from one opportunity to the next. At ease reorganizing institutions and services, he has become known for his mobilizing leadership style and results-oriented approach, each of which has been instrumental since he was appointed President and Executive Director of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) in May 2018.

11:00 - The Nursing Spectrum: Demystifying the Nursing Profession in Quebec

Greg Sobieraj, IPSPL, M.Sc.(A), Nurse Practitioner

Greg Sobieraj is a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the health care industry. He is presently the Interim Assistant Director of the Nurse Practitioner Program at McGill University and works as a clinician, educator, and consultant.

11:45 - Broad Strokes of Psychosocial Services

André-Anne Parent, PhD., Professor, School of Social Work, Université de Montréal

André-Anne Parent is a professor at the School of Social Work of the Université de Montréal. In the past, she worked in community groups, health and social services and public health. She has held positions as an outreach worker, social worker, community organizer and research agent. She is also a researcher for the Centre Interactions and the CReSP. She is interested in social inequalities and the fight against poverty, community development, collective action, professional and organizational practices aimed at health equity and environmental justice. Trained in anthropology, social work and public health, she favours collaborative, qualitative or mixed research from a transdisciplinary perspective. 

12:20 - Student Panel: The English for Health Care Learner Experience: Benefits, Challenges and Words of Wisdom

Bruce Manson (M.A.), Instructor in the Anglais Santé Program

Bruce Manson has taught English as a second language in McGill's School of Continuing Studies for the past 30 years, and has taught in the Health Canada Program for one year. Along with his duties as course lecturer, he conducts research in various domains of education, particularly transformative learning theory.

13:00 – Closing Remarks


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