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McGill SCS Certificate of Proficiency in Bilingual Professional Communication

Montreal’s unique culture has made both French and English an absolute necessity for social integration and furthering your professional career. No matter what you’re working towards, you’ll benefit from the most up-to-date teaching methods. You will focus on:

  • Oral expression
  • Written expression
  • Listening comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Vocabulary, grammar, and writing structures

All new students must complete a placement test in English and a placement test in French prior to applying for admission.

Program Outline: Certificate (Cert.) Proficiency in Bilingual Professional Communication


Type:   Certificate
Courses:   10
Credits:   30
Schedule:   Full-time or Part-time
Time:   Evenings or Saturdays
Delivery:   In-person & virtual
Unit:   Global and Strategic Communication
Questions?   info.conted [at]


Learning Outcomes

The program is designed to enable you to:

  • Receive a McGill Certificate of Proficiency in Bilingual Professional Communication 
  • Participate in meetings, interviews, and oral presentations
  • Prepare written letters, articles, and reports
  • Communicate in both French and English in formal and informal situations
  • Gain the confidence to work in the Quebec professional context

Program Courses

Certificate (Cert.) Proficiency in Bilingual Professional Communication (30 Credits)

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Certificate of Proficiency – Bilingual for Professional Communication:

  • Students must take a Placement Test and place into a level no higher than Intermediate High (CEEN 411/412 and CEFN 411/412);
  • Students must be at least 18 years of age and hold a CEGEP diploma (DEC) or equivalent.
  • Students 21 years of age and over who do not have the normal academic background for admission may be admitted as Mature students.

All new students must complete a Placement Test both in English and in French prior to applying for admission.

Placement Test

In order to begin studying in the Certificate of Proficiency in Bilingual Professional Communication, all new students (except for those at the beginner level) are required to take a Placement Test in both English and French. Test results are used to evaluate your current level of proficiency and determine which level and course you can register in according to our program structure. Students can take the test once per session and the results are valid for one year.

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New McGill language program helps allophones become bilingual and enter Quebec workforce

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