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McGill SCS Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Management


The 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Management delves into the competencies and tools needed to identify, evaluate, and provide solutions for challenges throughout key areas of business management. Using a combination of academic and applied learning, the program examines subjects such as business intelligence and analytics, contemporary finance, and strategic management, among others.

Those who complete both the Graduate Certificate in Business Management and the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Management fulfill the Canadian Institute of Management’s academic requirements for obtaining the Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) designation.


Type:   Graduate Certificate
Courses:   5
Credits:   15
Schedule:  Full-time or part-time
Time:   Weekday evenings
Delivery:   In-person
Unit:   Management and Entrepreneurship
Questions?   info.conted [at]



Message From the Academic Program Coordinator

Dear Learners,

Business Management graduates are in high demand worldwide. This program is designed to help learners develop core competencies which are instrumental in a career at a large corporation, private company, small business, or public institution.

In response to the needs of the marketplace and new developments in industry, I am pleased to announce that we have redesigned our graduate-level program in Management. This new design is a result of our ongoing efforts to enhance our students experience and improve their career prospects in today’s competitive business environment. With the rapid changing nature of market trends, employers are increasingly demanding more from employees; the newly designed Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Management, prepares and provides students with tools for advancement in industry.

This program includes courses designed to complement and advance the learning outcomes of the Graduate Certificate in Business Management. It provides learners with the strategic management skill set which is crucial to organizations’ success in today's market dynamics.

This program is an excellent option for both professionals in the management field and graduates from other disciplines who are currently working as managers and wish to gain a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of business to navigate organizational complexities more effectively. It also serves as an ideal choice for students who have completed the Graduate Certificate in Business Management and aim to enhance their expertise in the field by focusing on the strategic perspective of business. Moreover, pursuing this program may lead to obtaining the C.Mgr. designation, further boosting their employability prospects.

McGill SCS offers a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for you. We provide ideal facilities in an international learning setting for you to forge strong connections with colleagues and instructors whilst studying and after graduation. As part of McGill SCS alumni, you will remain part of this exciting and active network long after you graduate.

Thank you for visiting our webpage and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Warmest regards,

Kamal S. Salmasi, PhD, D.P.A., MBA
Academic Director, Management and Entrepreneurship


Key Features

The new Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Management focuses on core subjects such as business intelligence and analytics, contemporary finance, and strategic management. In addition, this program offers participants the choice of complementary courses such as Information System for Managers, Applied Statistics for Managers, and Communication Skills.

This program also includes a course in Agile Project Management, in line with the current demand by the industry to lead projects using the Agile approach versus the traditional project methodology. By learning this new approach, learners will be equipped to improve project delivery, reduce risk and improve quality when dealing with an undefined project, and ever-changing requirements.


Career Spotlight

The main profiles targeted by this program are early and mid-career professionals with an undergraduate degree (in any discipline) who have either obtained Graduate Certificate in Business Management or have had at least two years of work experience in related field and want further their career in management at a large corporation, a private company, a small business, a financial institution, a government agency, or a public institution.

Typical professionals that would benefit from this program could be as follows:

  • General managers
  • Strategic planners
  • Financial and investment analysts
  • Business management consultants
  • Banking, credit and investment professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Business development officers
  • Insurance, and financial brokerage professionals
  • Market research analysts
  • Office managers
  • Organizational analysts
  • Business management consultants
  • Project managers
  • Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers

The outlook of management-related jobs in Quebec is very promising as there is a strong and growing demand for this field in Canada, especially in Quebec.

According to the National Occupation Classification (NOC) the employment outlook for professional occupations in business management consulting in Quebec will be very good until 2024. The following factors contributed to this prediction:

  • Several positions will become available due to retirements.
  • The development of new management approaches and, above all, the need for increased productivity in the context of a labour shortage should increase demand for this occupational group.
  • Staff shortages in companies are forcing them to rethink jobs and review job descriptions and the roles and responsibilities of each employee. Professionals working in business management consulting are consequently benefiting from the need to reorganize work.
  • Implementing hybrid work methods, as well as managing and recruiting remote employees, have brought their share of challenges to managers and human resources advisors in companies. Many solutions will have to be implemented to address the difficulties caused by the new work reality, which could further support the need for these professionals.

Who Should Attend

This program is a good fit for you if you are a:

  • Professional who completed the Graduate Certificate in Business Management, and would like to upgrade your knowledge of the field by focusing on the strategic view of the business and possibly seeking to obtain the C.Mgr. designation.
  • Graduate of a management-related program who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of management and are looking to advance your career or to explore new career opportunities.
  • Graduates of other disciplines who are currently working as managers want to learn more about the strategic side of business to better navigate the complexities of organizations.

Learning Outcomes

The program is designed to enable you to:

  • Draft strategic plans for companies.
  • Apply corporate finance theory to your organization's funds and manage potential investment portfolios.
  • Analyze data and descriptive statistics for conclusions and informed decision making.
  • Change attitudes and motivate others through communication skills.
  • Apply statistical techniques, such as sampling, probability, and forecasting.
  • Manage projects using Agile methodology, especially in IT projects.

Delivery Format and Schedule

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Management has been designed for in-person delivery, a process that McGill SCS believes provides comprehensive and rewarding classroom experience, complimented by extensive interaction with faculty and practitioners in various fields of management. This program will be delivered at the downtown campus of McGill University during the evenings from Monday to Friday from 6 to 9 p.m.



CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management (3 credits)
the Exemption by Examination Test

Required courses

9 credits from:
CCFA 620 Contemporary Finance (3 credits)
CMS2 627 Business Intelligence and Analytics (3 credits)
CPL2 652 Strategic Management (3 credits)

Complementary courses

6 credits from:
CCLW 611 Business Law Concepts (3 credits)
CGM2 620 Agile Project Management: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
CMIS 641 Information Systems for Managers (3 credits)
CMS2 621 Applied Management Statistics (3 credits)
CPL2 610 Practical Communication and Presentation Skills (3 credits)

Or another 600-level course offered by the School of Continuing Studies and approved by the academic unit.

Admission Requirements
  1. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an approved university with a minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0 or 3.2/4.0 in the last two years of full-time academic studies.
  2. In addition, applicants must have successfully completed the McGill Graduate Certificate in Business Management
    Have a minimum of two years of recent, relevant work experience and include a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, and two reference letters with their application.
  3. Work experience is not required from applicants who have a bachelor's degree in Commerce or related fields.
  4. Applicants must provide proof of English proficiency.

News and Articles

June 2023
Enhancing Scenario Planning With AI
Written by Mark Hollingworth, SCS course lecturer in the Management and Entrepreneurship domain, the article discusses how AI provides new opportunities to consultants or facilitators in the area of strategic planning.

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