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New ‘WellWiki’ to Provide Info on Every Oil and Gas Well in Canada

Finding information about oil and gas wells is about to become easier thanks to a new website that aims to provide data on all the wells drilled in Canada and the United States since 1859.

Published on : 08 Aug 2014

Desautels researchers win oikos Case Writing Competition 2014

Professor Dror Etzion and BCom 2012 alumni, Benjamin Gruber and James Povitz (along with Raymond Paquin of Concordia University) have won 1st place in the Social Entrepreneurship track at the 11th annual oikos Case Writing Competition for their case entitled "Communauto: A Big Idea for a Big Market".

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Published on : 04 Jun 2014

"Diffusion as Classification," Organization Science

Author: Etzion, Dror Publication: Organization Science, March 2014 Abstract: 

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Published on : 24 Apr 2014

Professor Etzion selected as finalist for Giarratani Rising Star Award

Professor Dror Etzion was selected as a finalist of this year's Giarratani Rising Star Award (GRSA) for his paper entitled, “Institutional logics and environmental strategy in the office furniture industry.” The three finalists and winner will be honoured at the upcoming Industry Studies Conference in late May where they will present their work in a special session with a senior leader in the field. Read more about the GRSA.

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Published on : 11 Apr 2014

Market May Reward 'Greenwashing' Over Green Results

A growing number of people are interested in investing in companies that perform well environmentally as well as economically. Unfortunately, measuring environmental performance is not as straightforward as calculating a simple financial return on investment. Developing a yardstick for environmental performance is inherently fraught, forcing evaluators to reduce all of the complex dimensions of sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, biodiversity impacts and other factors into a single value.

Published on : 03 Mar 2014

CSR Ratings

The ascendance of socially responsible investing as a viable financial strategy has been accompanied by a similar proliferation of ratings schemes for assessing corporate social responsibility. Simply, if investors want to allocate their funds with SRI principles in mind, they need data that will allow them to make informed decisions. Indeed, over 50 rating methodologies for assessing environmental and social performance have been developed, more than a third of them since 2005. At some point, this may have become too much of a good thing.

Published on : 24 Jan 2014

"Triangulating Environmental Performance: What Do Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings Really Capture?," Academy of Management Perspectives

Authors: Delmas, Magali A.; Etzion, Dror; Nairn-Birch, Nicholas Publication: Academy of Management Perspectives, August 2013 Abstract:

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Published on : 21 Nov 2013

"Mixed Signals: A Dynamic Analysis of Warranty Provision in the Automotive Industry, 1960-2008," Strategic Management Journal

Authors: Etzion, Dror; Pe'er, Aviad A. Publication: Strategic Management Journal, 2013 Abstract:

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Published on : 27 Sep 2013

Professor Dror Etzion wins 2013 ONE Emerging Scholar Award

Professor Dror Etzion has won the 2013 Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division Emerging Scholar Award, presented at the Academy of Management (AoM) Business Meeting. The ONE Emerging Scholar Award recognizes early career academics who have already  made outstanding research contributions in the area of organizations and the natural  environment, and who appear to have a strong potential to continue making such contributions in the near future.

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Published on : 26 Aug 2013

An Analysis of Unconventional Gas Well Reporting under Pennsylvania's Act 13 of 2012

Authors: Gehman, Joel; Mastroianni, Diego; Grant, Angela; Etzion, Dror Abstract:

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Published on : 08 Jan 2013

Desautels Professors Dror Etzion and Jeroen Struben Place 1st at oikos Case Writing Competition

Professor Dror Etzion and Professor Jeroen Struben ranked first for their case “Better Place: Shifting Paradigms in the Automotive Industry.”

Published on : 06 May 2011