Distinct Student Groups

The McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) is committed to providing excellent service and resources to all McGill students. As a result, CaPS has dedicated career advisors to work with students from distinct groups to provide individual advising, targeted workshops and panel discussions.

  • If you are seeking individual advising, please make an appointment by calling 514-398-3304
  • To learn more about diversity, visit McGill Social Equity and Diversity Education Office
  • CaPS offers many workshops and panel discussions throughout the year. For a full listing of workshops, their dates and times, and to RSVP, please log-in into myFuture -> Events

Please note that CaPS and McGill do not endorse any particular websites/services; the listing is for your information only.


Over the past several years, many events have been planned specifically for women with regard to career exploration and job search strategies. CaPS, in partnership with the Centre for Research and Teaching on Women (MCRTW), organizes a yearly panel discussion on women and careers. Past panels have included “Women in Science” and “Muslim Women at Work: The Challenges and Successes.” CaPS also provides targeted workshops as a part of MCRTW’s Women and Leadership program in the fall.

Career resources:

  • Recommended Websites - Links to organizations providing resources to women.
  • Recommended Books (Available at CaPS):
    • Nice girls don't get the corner office: Unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers
    • Lean in: Women, work, and will to lead
    • Knowing your value: Women, money, and getting what you're worth

Indigenous Students

CaPS works in collaboration with the First Peoples’ House to offer specific services to Indigenous students at McGill. Workshops on job searching and career exploration are offered in partnership with the First Peoples’ House and are facilitated by a CaPS career advisor. This year we are looking to develop new initiatives between CaPS and the First Peoples’ House. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us.


Events relating to career exploration and job searching for Queer/LGBTQ+ students occur every year. Keep an eye out for our Careers and Queers workshop offered at least twice a year. This workshop covers issues such as being out at work and how being Queer may or may not influence your career choices.

Career resources:

  • Top diversity employers listings: Eluta
  • Recommended Websites - Links to organizations providing resources to LGBTQ students.
  • Recommended Books (Available at CaPS):
    • The gay and lesbian guide to college life
    • Your queer career: The ultimate career guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender job seekers

Ethnic & Cultural Minorities

The Diversity Advisor, Cindy Mancuso, works with a variety of student groups and associations to create events that speak to ethnic and cultural minorities on campus.

Career resources:

  • Recommended Websites - Links to organizations providing resources to minorities and immigrants.
  • Recommended Books (Available at CaPS):
    • Canadian work place culture: Mastering the unspoken rules
    • No Canadian experience, eh? A career success guide for new immigrants
    • The international advantage: Get noticed. Get hired!

Etudiant(e)s francophones

Au nom de CaPS nous souhaitons la bienvenue aux étudiants francophones ayant décidé de faire leurs études dans une université anglophone.

Même s’il est plus difficile de faire vos études en anglais que dans votre langue maternelle, vous êtes en train de construire pour votre avenir. Vous aurez plus de possibilités d’emplois en étant bilingue car il est toujours utile de maîtriser plusieurs langues.

Nous voulons vous informer que nous offrons des services en français pour:

  • les consultations individuelles
  • la vérification de CV et de lettres d’accompagnement
  • les entrevues simulées

Pour une consultation, vous avez uniquement besoin de prendre un rendez-vous avec un(e) conseiller(ère). Vous pouvez profiter de cette occasion pour poser toutes les questions de votre choix concernant le processus de recherche d’emploi: par exemple, comment trouver un stage, comment faire du réseautage, etc…

D’autre part, vous pouvez avoir une entrevue simulée. Pendant ce rendez-vous, vous aurez assez de temps pour parler de la préparation et discuter des points à améliorer.

Notre centre de ressources contient des documents en français sur la recherche d’emploi. Vous pouvez les consulter sur place ou bien les emprunter pour une soirée sur présentation de votre carte d’étudiant.

Pour une liste de resources:

  • sites recommandés
  • livres recommandés:
    • 100 CV et lettres de motivation pour tous les profils
    • Du CV à l'embauche: Astuces pour contrer le trac et réussir les tests d'embauche
    • 350 métiers où ça bouge
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