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Career Development Planning

It can take time to identify your career goals and when you do, they are often subject to adjustment when your life circumstances change. As such it is helpful to think of career planning as an iterative process, where the aim is not necessarily to identify one “perfect” future and then plan out your entire degree in accordance, but rather it is to take the time to regularly reflect on your future goals, identify several career options that might be a good fit, and to make plans for how you could explore each option and/or develop relevant skills in the short term. McGill has developed the myPath toolkit to help graduate students identify and attain their goals by creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP).  Using the myPath tools and programs to create a career focused IDP is a great way to get started. Going beyond career planning, myPath encourages you to set goals across the 7 themes in the Individual Development Framework.

Once you have created your first IDP, you can come back to it regularly and revise your goals and objectives as your needs and interests change. You can consult with a career advisor at CaPS to get help with your IDP. To learn more and access myPath:


PDF icon Career Development Timeline
One page overview on how to maximize your time at McGill for your future career.

Career Development Timeline


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