Non-Academic Careers

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Are you considering a career outside academia? Not sure if a academic career is suitable for you?  CaPS has compiled a list of job search websites, social network websites, articles of interest, books & other resources for graduate students interested in non-academic careers.

Non-Academic C.V. and Cover Letters

For a list of sample CVs or résumés and cover letters, consult the following sites:

  • PDF icon Sample Industry CV for PhDs and Postdocs
  • Sample Resumes for Graduate Students (University of Pennsylvania)
    Sample resumes for graduates in these fields: Humanities and social sciences, business, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
  • Sample Cover Letters for Graduate Students (University of Pennsylvania)
    Sample cover letters for non-academic or industry positions: Government consulting, academic advising, teaching in high schools, clinical social work, program administrator, health policy, etc.
  • CVs, Resumes & Cover Letters (University of California, San Francisco)
    Sample resumes and cover letters for industry and consulting jobs: Bioinformaticist, industry scientist, business-related positions, etc.

Articles of Interest: Consult the following sites for tips and advice on writing non-academic résumés, CVs and cover letters.

Career Planning for Non-Academic Careers

Information, tips and advice for those who are interested in opportunities beyond academia.  The following resources cover information on how to transfer your skill sets to industry setting, and panels that explore and explain everything you need to know about careers outside academia.

If you are interested in working in the public service sector, consult the following resources:

One of the best ways to secure a job lead is through networking and informational interviews with professionals in the field.  The following websites will give you tips and advice on how to build your network and prepare for information interviews.

For additional career information, consult the following resources:

  • Carpe Careers (Inside Higher ED) - Tips and advice on non-academic careers.
  • Finding a Job ( - Resources for every stage - from finding job opening to landing the final interview.
  • Beyond the Tenure Track - Pathways to opportunity beyond the professoriate for PhDs.
  • Vault Career Insider (Registration with your McGill email is required) - Career and industry guides, from accounting to writing.
  • What are all the PhDs? - A project aimed at putting all the various career paths for PhDs into focus.

Please note that CaPS and McGill do not endorse any particular websites/services; the listing is for your information only.