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PhDs and Postdocs

If you are a PhD or postdoctoral fellow looking for opportunities, consult the following resources for a list of job websites, social network websites, articles of interest and other resources.

Job websites - A list of job boards for PhD or postdoctoral fellows.

Doctoral Student Career Planning

Connected Academics - Doctoral Student Career Planning Guide is an MLA project to develop students' capacities to bring the expertise they acquire in advanced humanistic study to a wide range of careers.  This guide is designed to help faculty members advise students effectively about pathways for PhDs.  

Please note that CaPS and McGill do not endorse any particular websites/services; the listing is for your information only.

Career Options

The following articles provide ideas, tips and advice on career options for PhDs and postdocs. 

For more career information and tools regarding career options for PhD students, consult the following resources.

  • TRaCE McGill
    Interviews with McGill PhD graduates in discussion about education and career pathways.
  • McGill myPath
    A tool to help you identify and plan your goals.
  • Carpe Careers (Inside Higher ED)
    Tips on how to land a non-professor position after grad school.
  • Doctoral Student Timeline (UCI)
    A framework of to-do-activities during your studies.
  • From PhD to Life
    A blog with career stories on how one transitions from academia to industry.
  • ImaginePhD
    A tool that facilitates self-reflection, career exploration and planning for Social Sciences PhDs.
  • PhD Career Stories
    For people interested in career possibilities after a PhD. 
  • PhD in Progress Podcast
    Podcasts that entertain/inform students on the young academic community.
  • What are all the PhDs?
    A project aimed at putting all the various career paths for PhDs into focus.


Join one or more social network groups to connect with alumni and professionals in your field to build your network and find job leads.

Think Tanks & Research Centres

The following links will help you find research projects, theses and research organizations.

Find a Research Project or Publication

The following links will help you find research projects and connect with peers in the field.

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