Individual Development Framework

A plan needs a framework

The McGill IDF (Individual Development Framework) comprises 21 categories organized into 7 themes know to be important for students' success and wellbeing. All of the SKILLSETS events are tagged according to this framework in order to help you easily identify the offerings that best align with your interests and goals. Click here to learn more about how the IDF was created

Download a printable PDF of the framework: Individual Development Framework 

Themes and Categories

Lead projects

Beyond an ability to work well with others (see below), successfully leading projects requires strategic planning, behaving professional and ethically, as well as obtaining and managing project funds.

Finances & funding
Ethical & professional conduct
Project & time management


Work with others

This theme includes using your interpersonal skills to collaborate successfully with diverse people and teams, lead and inspire others, empathize with and advocate for others, build an understanding of global and local context, or manage relationships.

Equity, diversity & inclusion
Global & local engagement
Teamwork & interpersonal


Communicate ideas

Frequently cited as a top skill in demand by employers, this theme encompasses your ability to articulate your ideas and knowledge to diverse groups through teaching, presenting, and writing.

Public speaking


Solve problems

Developing solutions to challenging problems involves analytical and critical reasoning, ideating creative options, and a willingness to work with ambiguity.

Analytical & critical reasoning
Innovation & creativity


Expand expertise

Sometimes described as “hard skills” because they are more easily measured, this theme reflects your subject matter expertise and your ability to use specific tools, approaches, and technology (e.g. laboratory techniques or qualitative research approaches).

Subject knowledge
Tools & technology


Be well

Although it is listed as a distinct theme in this framework, wellness actually cuts across all of the themes. Having self-awareness and resilience, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help you to be successful in all of the categories within the framework.

Healthy living


Plan career

This theme involves understanding your career preferences, exploring options and developing a network, and ultimately learning how to articulate your strengths to prospective employers.

Career knowledge
Applying & interviewing
Networking & job search

Unsure about which areas to focus on?

Create an Individual Development Plan (IDP)! The IDP is a tool that helps students identify and plan their goals. To find out more, check out myPath.


As a McGill student, your participation in full to activities such as training workshops and volunteering are tracked on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Having your co-curricular activities listed in one document can help you revise your CV or cover letter, prepare for interviews, and explore career options. Learn how to leverage this important document through myInvolvement, and make your training count!
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