All SKILLSETS activities are unified by a comprehensive structure that outlines key learning objectives in seven different subject areas. These competencies have been identified as crucial areas of professional development to better prepare graduate students in any workplace or industry - be it academic, industry, government, or nonprofit.

How can graduate students use the framework?

You can use the framework as a navigation tool to find SKILLSETS offerings that best fit your academic, profession, and personal needs and interests. Along with each category below, you will find a brief description and a link to the associated workshops. Resource PDFs are also included to further your understanding of the individual Graduate Skills Development Framework categories.

Navigate the tabs below for an overview of each category.

Expand Your Expertise

SKILLSETS offers workshops to help you strengthen your knowledge in your field. You will learn practical applications of various tools and technologies to develop innovative solutions to problems and enrich your knowledge of your chosen discipline.

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Solve Problems

Throughout your academic and professional career, you may encounter challenges that require critical thinking, ingenuity, and innovative solutions. Workshops in this category help you develop and enhance the necessary skills to face problems and implement solutions that are effective and efficient.

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  • Graduate Supervision

Lead Projects

From conceptualization to evaluation, projects require resource allocation, time management, ethical conduct, and strategic goals to ensure success. Offerings will impart knowledge and skills necessary for successful project management as well as means to obtain funding.

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As graduate students, it is important to clearly communicate ideas to diverse audiences and summarize your research. SKILLSETS offers workshops on effective communication using written, oral, and digital media.

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Work With Others

Examine the impact of collaboration and learn to leverage interpersonal skills to work effectively in a diverse team. Workshops will also help you building an understanding of problems affecting the local and wider/global community.

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Be Well

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a graduate student can be a difficult task. McGill offers workshops and events that will help you build strategies to manage the heavy workload that comes with graduate school.

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Plan Your Career

It’s never too early to start thinking about career development! We offer workshops and panel discussions that will help you explore a variety of career options and help you prepare applications.

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As a McGill student, your participation in full to activities such as training workshops and volunteering are tracked on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Having your co-curricular activities listed in one document can help you revise your CV or cover letter, prepare for interviews, and explore career options. Learn how to leverage this important document through myInvolvement, and make your training count!
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