The Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) is Quebec’s provincial health insurance board. Persons taking up residence in Quebec are eligible for provincial healthcare.

For more information, visit RAMQ Eligibility.


A staff member must register for health insurance for themself and all family members, before applying for benefits in Human Resources.


Follow the link and scroll to "Register for Health Insurance".

Please note that RAMQ coverage begins three months after registration.

Exceptions: Citizens of the following countries who were covered by their country’s health plan prior to departure are not subject to the waiting period: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, and Sweden. RAMQ registration is nonetheless required. For more information, visit RAMQ Agreements.

To bridge the three-month waiting period, the University’s insurer offers Provincial Plan Replacement (PPR) coverage to non-Canadian and repatriated Canadian staff members and/or their spouse and/or dependents under age 65. PPR coverage is for up to three months effective the start date of the staff member’s appointment with proof of RAMQ registration. Extended PPR coverage may be available at cost should a staff member and/or their spouse and/or dependents require PPR coverage for longer than the initial three-month period.
For more information, please visit the Human Resources Benefits page or contact the HR Service Centre at 514-398-4747 or [at]

Canadians relocating from other provinces

You must provide RAMQ with proof of healthcare coverage from their former province of residence. Reimbursement for medical services received in Quebec during the three-month waiting period should be arranged with the previous provincial plan directly.

PPR coverage and McGill Supplemental Healthcare is contingent on Human Resources receiving a copy of the letter issued upon RAMQ registration. For both, coverage takes effect on the staff member’s official start date at the University. A staff member will be prompted by their department to send RAMQ registration to Human Resources.

Maintaining your RAMQ coverage

Travel affects RAMQ coverage differently for staff members who are Canadian citizens versus Permanent Residents versus on a Temporary Work Permit. More information is available at RAMQ Travel Restrictions and Human Resources Travel Information.

Canadians and Permanent Residents must remain in Quebec for 183 days in a calendar year in order to remain covered by RAMQ.

Staff members on a Temporary Work Permit may travel outside of Quebec for no more than 21 consecutive days per trip and must renew their RAMQ cards upon renewing their Temporary Work Permit. A delay in the renewal of a staff member's Temporary Work Permit may result in an “Implied Status” situation, which affects RAMQ and Manulife coverage. A staff member on a Temporary Work Permit should contact immigration.apo [at] in a timely manner to ensure the renewal of their Temporary Work Permit and continuance of RAMQ and Manulife coverage.

Failure to maintain RAMQ coverage or eligibility will result in the cancellation of a staff member’s Provincial Plan Replacement and the McGill Supplemental Healthcare Plan via Manulife.

Access to Medical Services

Visit the McGill Family Care website for information about access to medical and dental services.

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