Spousal Employment Possibilities

As part of McGill University’s sustained effort to attract and retain highly qualified academic staff in an increasingly competitive and international environment, the University provides relocation assistance to the spouses of newly hired tenure-stream academic staff who are seeking academic or non-academic employment.

The level of appointment that may be available for a spousal hire will vary case to case. These appointments may include tenured or tenure track positions, contract academic staff (CAS) positions, and non-academic positions. In all situations the establishment of a position will be dictated by the needs, priorities and resources of the receiving unit. The appropriateness of offering an appointment, regardless of its nature, will depend on the qualifications and merit of candidates and how they meet McGill’s needs. While receiving units are asked to be flexible with regard to their plans and priorities, a spousal hire should not disrupt a unit’s approved plans and strategic directions. Moreover, a spousal hire will not be imposed on an unwilling unit.

The following general guidelines have evolved to assist units and the University deal with various spousal hiring situations.


Requests for Consideration for Employment for a Spouse

A request for consideration for a spousal employment should be initiated by a new hire or staff member with their Chair and Dean. Further discussions and negotiations concerning the matter are then to be conducted directly with the spouse wishing employment by those who oversee and direct the relevant department or administrative unit at the University. Discussions about a potential spousal appointment should not involve the new recruit or colleague already at McGill.


Tenure-Stream and Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Appointments

While tenure-track, tenured or CAS appointments are possible in some cases without the requirement of a full search process, due diligence is essential to ensure that such an appointment is fully merited based on the credentials and record of the spousal candidate and that the appointment is in line with the priorities, objectives and needs of the academic unit(s) concerned. Please contact your Chair and Dean to initiate discussion regarding a Spousal Academic Hire. 


Other Positions

In the case of spouses seeking administrative, managerial or other positions, assistance is provided during the job search process. The Faculty Relocation Advisor in the Academic Personnel Office can explain the University’s job posting and selection process, and provide an introduction to the appropriate unit. Such candidates are then evaluated by the hiring department within the broader applicant pool and in the context of McGill’s staffing policies for administrative, managerial and support positions. For further details, please contact the relocation.apo [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Spousal%20employment%20search%20assistance) (Faculty Relocation Advisor). For a current listing of available positions, visit McGill HR.

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