Driving in Quebec

Driver's License

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) regulates driving in the province. A driver’s licence from another country or another Canadian province is valid for the first six months following arrival in Quebec provided that the licence is valid, and for the class of vehicle being driven in Quebec. Holders of a driver’s license from certain countries may exchange it for a Quebec license. Consult the SAAQ website for the steps and requirements for obtaining a driver’s license or an international driving permit.

A full driver’s record is required to obtain a Quebec driver’s license.

SAAQ service outlets offer different services by location. Visit SAAQ-Service Outlets to determine which locations offers the services required and then make an appointment. Canadian citizens can make an appointment by calling 514-873-7620. Non-Canadians can make an appointment by calling 514-954-7771.

Auto Insurance

A Quebec driver’s licence includes no-fault insurance for a bodily injury to oneself or another person. It does not, however, include private vehicle insurance for property damage. It is possible to purchase vehicle insurance even if your vehicle has not been registered in Quebec and it is required by law to have vehicle insurance for a vehicle on the road. To learn about Quebec’s public and private auto insurance plans, visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada website.

See the Relocation Service section of this website for information on importing a vehicle into Canada and vehicle registration.

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