Academic Laptop Program


The Academic Laptop Program assists tenured and tenure-stream academic staff including Ranked Contract Academic Staff (CAS) by subsidizing part or all the costs of purchasing laptop computers to be used for teaching purposes. This program is reviewed each academic year.

Benefits of the Program

  • Flexibility of performing computer tasks anywhere on McGill's campus-wide wireless network

  • Laptops offer productivity tools and audio and video capabilities to facilitate presentation of lesson content in A/V equipped classrooms

  • Advantageous pricing agreements and subsidies

  • Technical support and service


Tenured or tenure-stream academic staff, including Ranked Contract Academic Staff (CAS), if campus-based and full-time salaried as per the following:

Initial Purchase

Subsidy for Academic Staff appointed on or after 1 May 2020

All eligible academic staff hired on or after 1 May 2020 are eligible to receive a 100% subsidized machine, to be used for the enhancement of teaching and learning. This subsidy is available for 3 years from date of hire, after that period the subsidy is reduced to 50%.

Replacement Machines

Eligible academic staff who have previously received a machine through this program are eligible to apply for a replacement machine. The subsidy covers 50% of the cost of the standard computer package and is available every 3 years from the date of last purchase. The remaining 50% can be paid from faculty/department budgets, research grants or personal funds.

Accessing the Program

Eligible academic staff can apply for an Academic Laptop by filling out an Academic Laptop Program order form in the McGill MarketPlace. This form will be reviewed and completed by staff in the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic).

To access the form:

  1. Sign-in to Minerva
  2. Select the Finance tab
  3. Select McGill MarketPlace Entrance
  4. Create a Shopping Profile, if you have not already done so
  5. Select the Academic Laptop Program button under the Forms menu

Subsidized Purchases


The cost to you depends on the package you select and the subsidy to which you are entitled. 

Eligible academic staff are strongly encouraged to use research or other University-based funds for any costs that exceed those covered by the Academic Laptop Program. You may supplement the purchase of your Academic Laptop with the Professional Development Fund.

All equipment that is purchased in part or in full through the Academic Laptop Program is subject to the McGill University IT Asset Management Regulation and must be returned to the University when the equipment is replaced, has reached the end of its useful life, or in the event of the academic staff member's departure from McGill.

Models and Specifications

Academic Laptop Program Supported Laptops - Cost and Specifications

PDF icon Academic Laptop Specs - supported models

Eligible academic staff can request upgrades to the supported laptops, if it is required to facilitate their academic duties, by contacting is.bookstore [at] A quote will be produced and must be included in the attachments section of the McGill MarketPlace order form. Upgrades are not covered by the Academic Laptop Program.

Point of Sale

The McGill Computer Store (MCS) is the University’s designated point of sales for the Academic Laptop Program.


In the event that current models of laptops offered by the Program are no longer available in the market, eligible academic staff may select a different model from the Program, or wait until the new models become available through the Program.


All inquiries about the Academic Laptop Program can be sent to academic.laptop [at]
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