Academic Personnel Office

Welcome to the Academic Personnel Office

The Academic Personnel Office works in tandem with the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), the Associate Provost (Academic Priorities & Resource Allocation), and the Associate Provost (Equity & Academic Policies) on all matters relating to the recruiting, hiring, appointing, conditions of employment, salary, leaves and retirement of academic staff.

Two Associate Provosts share oversight of the Academic Personnel Office according to the following responsibilities:

Associate Provost (Academic Priorities & Resource Allocation) ghyslaine.mcclure [at] (Ghyslaine McClure) Associate Provost (Equity & Academic Policies) angela.campbell [at] (Angela Campbell)
• recruitment and appointment of all academic staff;
• anomaly and retention salary increases and stipends;
• administrative and academic appointments with stipends.
• reappointment, tenure, promotion of all academic staff;
• sabbatical leaves, leaves of absence, parental leaves, secondments;
• retirement, emeritus designation;
• immigration.
Shared Responsibilities
• facilitating “on-boarding” of new academic staff and academic leaders with organization of orientation sessions;
• professional development of academic staff, including the Academic Leadership Forum (ALF) Series.

For more information about whom to contact in APO regarding specific topics, please visit Who We Are.