Academic Casuals

An Academic Casual is a part–time, short-term temporary position in support of the development and delivery of teaching programs in the units to which a person is appointed. These may include but not limited to:

  • Grade review;
  • Development and review of academic programs;
  • Exams and evaluation of placement tests and equivalencies;
  • Pedagogical assistance.

An academic casual shall not be someone whose functions are covered under an existing collective agreement. An academic casual position may not be used for non-postsecondary teaching programs and activities (e.g. day camp counselors, music programs for youths, etc.).

Academic Casuals Job Profile Names

Job Profile Name
Academic Journal Editor
Accreditation Reviewer (internal)
Artist in Residence
Clinical Trials Contract
Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) Lead
Conversation Lab Facilitator
Conversation Partner
Course Assistant (non-McGill Student)
Course Consultant
Course Leader
Course/Program Developer (Curriculum)
Demonstrator (Lab) (non-McGill Student)
Examiner (Audition Panelist)
Examiner (Entrance exams)
Field Supervisor
Guest Lecturer (External to McGill)
Guest Lecturer (Internal to McGill)
Indigenous Elder
LFME Preceptor (Faculty of Medicine)
Music Accompanist
Osler Fellow
Reviewer (External to McGill)
UGME Small Group Activities
Tutor (Academic)
Tutor (Clinical)

Email academic.personnel [at] with "Academic Casual" in the subject line for assistance in determining the appropriate job profile name.

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