French courses for other staff

Full-time academic and librarian staff members and their dependents may enroll in French courses at the University. Non-Canadian citizens must obtain a Study Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and Study Permit pursuing a program that extends beyond six months.

The School of Continuing Studies offers various French language programs. For more information, contact Manon Gadbois at 514-398-2142 or manon.gadbois [at]  The French Language Centre offers credit courses to students registered in any academic program. For more information, contact flc [at]

Please note that the French at Work program offered via Human Resources is offered only to Administrative and Support Staff. Academic Staff is not eligible for this program. 

Tuition Waivers

Eligible staff members and their dependents may receive a tuition fee waiver once enrolled in a credit course while completing an eligible McGill University degree, diploma or certificate program, or a credit courses taken as a special student at McGill. Please note that not all programs are eligible for fee waiver.

The Educational Assistance Policy (Academic Staff), is offered to eligible employees that remain full-time employees of the University for the entire duration of the course and must have completed the course with a passing grade. For all details regarding eligibility and application, please visit: Educational Assistance Policy (Academic Staff).

A Staff Dependent Tuition Waiver (reduction), is available for dependents who meet the eligibility requirements. Reimbursement is at two-thirds (2/3) of the Quebec tuition fee once enrolled in a degree, diploma or credit certificate program offered by the University. For all details regarding eligibility and application, please visit: Staff Dependent Tuition Waiver.

Taxable Benefit

Subsidized language instruction is considered a taxable benefit to the individual enrolled in the course consequently each individual will require a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

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