Viviane Yargeau

Viviane Yargeau




Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

What was your inspiration for pursuing engineering?

I did not know about engineering until my CEGEP chemistry teacher mentioned to me that after having me in his courses over two years he thought that chemical engineering might be a good choice for me. That was close to the deadline to apply to Universities so I applied without knowing what engineering was about. After that, I read about engineering and went to Open Houses and got really excited about chemical engineering! I never regretted that choice and I am still passionate about my work! I guess I should thank that professor :)

Why is it important for women to be involved in engineering?

First, it is important for women to find a career that they like, independent of the field selected. Having women involved in as many fields as possible is beneficial as it brings a different perspective on the work done and stimulates new ideas and approaches. Diversity in the working environment is stimulating and productive.

Why did you choose McGill?

When I decided to seriously consider seeking an academic position, McGill attracted me because of the diversity of people working here, the possibility of learning English, the strong commitment of McGill to support national and international collaboration and of course, the good reputation of the institution for both teaching and research.

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