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McGill's Women in Engineering initiative assists and encourages girls and women interested in following their dreams to pursue an architecture, engineering, or urban planning degree.

Woman engineer

Woman engineer

What do engineers, architects and urban planners do?

Engineers are problem solvers. We take math and science and apply them to situations in the real world.

Architects and planners design buildings and cities. We combine art and engineering to improve the physical environments we inhabit.

In addition to typical technological applications, the work of an engineer, architect, and urban planner can substantially improve people’s lives by way of its impact on society, the environment, health care, etc. As members of these professions, you might:

  • Design wearable technologies,
  • Create facial recognition apps,
  • Build bridges that adapt to environmental conditions,
  • Come up with innovative housing for use after natural disasters,
  • Develop new ways to clean water,
  • Propose alternative fuel engines,
  • Program computers to analyse medical images,
  • Make intelligent wheelchairs,
  • Find innovative uses for natural resources,
  • Design smart neighbourhoods,
  • Plan futuristic dwellings,
  • Address social injustices.

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If you love science and math and want to use them to design new technologies for helping people and the planet, architecture, engineering, or urban planning may be the career for you!

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Meet an undergrad student

Stephanie Saliba

Stephanie Saliba

Engineers have the potential to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges and by doing so impact people’s lives in a very positive way. That is something that really attracted me to the engineering profession. Meet Stephanie

Meet a professor and alumna

Tal Arbel

Tal Arbel
Associate Professor

Women are needed as they bring their own unique perspectives to engineering design. These differences help lead to new to competitive technologies and products that will help society.  Meet Professor Arbel


Meet an undergrad student

Maana Javadi

Maana Javadi
Computer Engineering

McGill, with one of the highest international student populations in Canada, would give me the opportunity to meet students from around the world while studying in one of the strongest engineering programs. Meet Maana

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