Great women in the Faculty of Engineering

We are great women in the Faculty of Engineering. We contribute to society and improve people’s lives through our work in disciplines like biosystems, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, international planning, healthcare design, and much more.

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We are women in the Faculty of Engineering


Meet an undergrad student

Hillary Williams

Hillary Williams
Materials Engineering

I picked McGill for my program. It's fairly unique to McGill, it has co-op, and materials are really cool! But I also picked McGill for the motivated student body that would be around me, supporting me. Meet Hillary

Meet a professor and alumna

Nathalie Tufenkji

Nathalie Tufenkji

I was inspired to pursue a degree in chemical engineering because of my interest in the development of technologies for environmental remediation and water treatment. Meet Professor Tufenkji


Meet an undergrad student

Mariam Hachem

Mariam Hachem
Chemical Engineering

I came to McGill because of its leading reputation and the vast amount of opportunities to experience leadership and gain a strong reputation of successful individuals. Meet Mariam

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