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Whether you are a student, alumni, industry professional, current or prospective faculty member there are many ways to be involved as a woman architect, engineer, or urban planner at McGill's Faculty of Engineering!


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Join a club, sign up for an experiential learning experience, or go on exchange! There are so many ways to get involved! Use the menu on the left to learn about student opportunities in the Faculty of Engineering.

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Stay connected by supporting the next generation of women architects, engineers, and urban planners in achieving their goals. Find out how to be a mentor, hire a student, donate, or partner with McGill's Faculty of Engineering by visiting our Work with us web pages.


There are many ways for faculty members to contribute to WIE initiatives!

Looking to join our team? View opportunities for prospective faculty


We are women in the Faculty of Engineering


Meet an undergrad student

Leila Hawa

Leila Hawa
Civil Engineering

I decided to study civil engineering because of its relevance in working towards more sustainable cities. Meet Leila

Meet a professor

Susan Gaskin

Susan Gaskin
Associate Professor

If women are not involved then we are missing out on 50% of possible solutions and innovations.  Meet Professor Gaskin


Meet an alumna

Lynn Bird

Lynn Byrd
Chemical Engineering

There are many smart and creative women who could increase their effectiveness in improving the world with the knowledge and skills gained through the McGill Engineering programs.  Meet Lynn

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