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Participation in undergraduate research and internships offer experiential learning opportunities to apply real-life, hands-on application of principles learned in the undergraduate classroom. Engineering undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one such experience before graduation.  

Undergraduate research opportunities are provided through the Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering Program (SURE), which gives McGill Engineering undergrads an opportunity to take part in research projects, under the mentorship of a professor and graduate student(s). The program is particularly useful in helping to provide insights into the graduate student experience at McGill.

Industry internship opportunities are available through the  Engineering Internship Program (EIP), McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering (MIAE), and the Mining and Materials Co-Operative Education programs.

We are women in the Faculty of Engineering


Meet a professor

Viviane Yargeau and researchers

Viviane Yargeau
Associate Professor

When I decided to seriously consider seeking an academic position, McGill attracted me because of the diversity of people working here...the strong commitment of McGill to support national and international collaboration. Meet Professor Yargeau

Meet an alumna

Irene Makris

Irene Makris
Mechanical Engineering

Women bring more diversity into engineering through the way they think, the way they solve problems, the way they lead and manage people, and the way they interact with others. They can be positive agents for change. Meet Irene


Meet a grad student

Selina Liu

Selina Liu
Chemical Engineering

At the end of high school, I was ready for something new, exciting and challenging. Moving half way across the country for school seemed to be fitting. Meet Selina

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