Catherine Pagiatakis

Catherine Pagiatakis





PhD 2016, Mechanical Engineering


What was your inspiration for pursuing engineering?

Engineering is a field that applies fundamental principles of mathematics and physics to inter- and multi-disciplinary applications. It amalgamates creativity and theory to provide efficient solutions to practical problems. I was inspired to pursue Engineering, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, by the challenge that it presents, and more importantly by the significant impact that it has on the betterment of society.

Why is it important for women to be involved in engineering?

Engineering is a field that thrives under the influence of creative thought. I believe that it is important for women to be involved in Engineering because they bring to it diversity in ideas, approaches and methods. Such a contribution can only be beneficial as it introduces robustness into the profession. 

Why did you choose McGill?

My research involves the numerical study of blood flow through diseased arteries with the purpose of improving diagnostic procedures and reducing treatment risk. I chose McGill University for doctoral studies because the research being executed in the field of Biomedical Engineering is cutting-edge. The researchers have dynamic collaborations with medical professionals which ensures that the work addresses practical problems in the medical field and therefore truly benefits society.  

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