Hillary Williams

Hillary Williams






BEng 2019, Materials Engineering Co-op Program      



What was your inspiration for pursuing Engineering?

I chose to join engineering because I wanted to have a job that would let me have an impact and I wanted to continue learning science. I also got a lot of encouragement from my Design Tech teacher in High School. I’d never done design before and he convinced me to stay in his class and challenge myself to do something I wasn’t sure I’d be good at. I loved it and that positive experience made me realize that not only could I take on the challenge of engineering, but that it was going to be fun.               

Why is it important for women to be involved in Engineering?

It is important that women be involved in Engineering because we have something to offer to the field just as much as every other human does. We too are creative problem solvers, able to work in teams, able to produce high quality work, able to care about the world around us. And it is important to have our voices out there, shaping our future too.  

Why did you choose McGill?

I picked McGill for my program. It's fairly unique to McGill, it has co-op, and materials are really cool! But I also picked McGill for the motivated student body that would be around me, supporting me. McGill has a great reputation that attracts some of the best students from all over the world, and I wanted to be one of them.

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