Require Urgent Care?

Call 911 or view our resource list. 

Students with cold and flu-like symptoms should connect with virtual care through Dialogue or Maple before making an appointment for on-campus care.  Getting vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19 is the best way to protect yourself and our community. Vaccination is safe and free for everyone.


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Pick-Up Sports at the McGill Sports Complex

3 Jan 2023 06:30
12 Apr 2023 23:00

During the fall and winter semesters, as members of the McGill Sports Complex, McGill students can take part in pick-up sports, such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball, rent a sports court or swim laps at Memorial P

Mindfulness & Self Compassion

27 Mar 2023 10:00

Mindfulness and self-compassion focus on accepting our experiences and being kind to ourselves, especially when we are feeling down or stressed.

Let's Get Started for Students in Arts & Science

27 Mar 2023 10:00

One of the best ways to build motivation is by getting started. Start your week strong by joining a 30-minute "plan your week" session on Monday mornings.

Grad Breakfast Club

27 Mar 2023 10:30

Stay on track with a 30min “plan your week” session on Monday mornings. Meet with a group of peers to set your intentions, boost motivation, troubleshoot challenges, and (mostly importantly) take the pressure off!

Meet and Write - On Campus (Cybertheque) - Winter 2023

27 Mar 2023 13:30

Need to shake up your writing routine? Ready to try a new time management method with other motivated writers? Join us on campus!

Financial skills for the real world: Housing I

27 Mar 2023 16:00

Do you wonder whether it makes more financial sense to rent or buy? Wondering what the true costs of home ownership are?

Rise and Write in the Morning- Online - January 10 to April 11, 2023

28 Mar 2023 09:30

Need to shake up your writing routine? Ready to try a new time management method with other motivated writers? Join us on campus!

Let's Talk About Sex Drop-in

28 Mar 2023 13:30

 Whether you are straight, queer, or questioning, sexually experienced or not, the topic of sexuality can make you curious, embarrassed and even laugh!

Vision Boarding Workshop

28 Mar 2023 14:00

Come join us in this hands-on crafty workshop where you will brainstorm vision statement and use collaging to make a vision board of your goals and aspirations for the year.

PhD Support Group

28 Mar 2023 15:30

Do you find it challenging to balance life and academics? Do you feel disconnected from others in your program? Do you sometimes struggle to retain your focus and direction?

Leadership 8: Building your confidence as a leader

28 Mar 2023 16:00

Do you have to be born charismatic to lead with confidence? Conducting oneself with confidence is key to successful leadership.

The Body Project

28 Mar 2023 18:00

Would you like to learn skills to improve your body image?

Server Training

28 Mar 2023 18:00

The Server Training Program educates student alcohol providers about their legal responsibilities as servers and provides practical methods for ensuring responsible consumption. This is facilitated by the Hub Peer Supporters and prioritizes the f

Skills for Strategic Procrastination

29 Mar 2023 10:30

Having difficulty getting started? Do you find yourself putting off tasks?

Financial skills for the real world: Housing II

29 Mar 2023 16:00

Under what circumstances do you have to pay HST and LTT when purchasing a home? Learn about various fees that realtors rarely mention, the difference between FRM, ARM, and VRM, as well as the various designations real estate agents have.


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