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Be user-focused

Why this is important

User-centered design (UCD) puts users at the center of every decision. Following UCD methodology will help you tailor your website to suit your users' needs without making assumptions. Aiming for the right targets and making the right decisions will ensure you achieve your goals easily.

UCD matters because great digital experiences are born from considering the end-user of your product at every stage of the conception and design process (Allen & Chudley, 2012, p. 3).

How to meet this standard

  • Be aware of the principles of user experience research and design processes
    • User interviews
    • Contextual inquiry
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Card sorting
    • Usability testing
  • Work with McGill's Unified Web Team to obtain guidance with user experience research and design processes

There are several ways to learn more about your users' needs, you should not rely only on usage statistics.

Web analytics is not a silver bullet against subjectivity [...] web traffic measurement will never be able to reveal the complete user picture (Wiggins, 2008, p. 20).

Translation guidelines

Be aware of your audience needs and requirements concerning translated content and produce web content that aligns with those needs.

Translation to-dos

  • Ensure your content is professionally translated
  • Keep your French content synced with your English content
  • Contact McGill Translation Services for guidance translating content

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