Be consistent

Why this is important

When people visit McGill websites their experience should feel cohesive, positive and consistent. Users should be confident that they are on a McGill website.

How to meet this standard

  • Follow all of McGill's digital standards
    • Make - and follow - a plan for evaluating compliance on an ongoing basis
    • Keep up with the evolution of the Digital Standards (this is easy if you follow the Web Services Digest and attend Web Services presentations)
  • When possible, build sites using centrally supported platforms and services, such as the WMS. These are consistent - and compliant with many other standards - by design.
  • Use your platform's templates, tools, and styles as prescribed
  • Use consistent tone and style across pages
  • Work with the Digital Communications and Web Service Group teams to evaluate and improve your site

If you're outside the WMS, make sure that your site or application complies with the Visual Identity Guide and digital standards. In addition to using the logo in compliant ways, vendor-built and custom websites and applications must:

  • Follow institutional URL standards
  • Base their work on the official McGill colour palette
  • Use McGill's official fonts for the majority of text content (other typefaces may be used for accents)
  • Use the McGill logo alongside the site name/identity in the site's header
  • Use McGill's global footer, including links to the central privacy and accessibility notices

McGill's design system (McGill DS) is a convenient way to quickly achieve compliance in many of these areas. 

Supporting resources

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