Be consistent

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Be consistent

Why is this important?

When people visit McGill websites their experience should feel positive and consistent. Users should be confident that they are on a McGill website.

Checklist of things to do

  • Follow McGill's digital standards
    • Create and follow a plan to evaluate compliance on an ongoing basis
    • Watch for updates about McGill's digital standards - e.g. read the Web Services Digest, attend Web Services presentations
  • When possible, build sites using centrally supported, standards-compliant platforms and services, such as the WMS
  • Use your platform's templates, tools, and styles as intended
  • Use consistent tone and style across pages
  • Work with the Digital Communications and Web Service Group teams to evaluate and improve your site

Important considerations for owners and sponsors of custom or vendor-built websites

When choosing to create a custom or vendor-built website you are accepting responsibility for compliance with all legal and institutional requirements. Any site managers you nominate will be accountable to you concerning compliance with the digital standards and other requirements. McGill assumes no responsibility for the construction or maintenance of these sites.

For information about requirements, see our custom or vendor-built project toolkit

Supporting resources

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