Be thorough in your process

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Be thorough in your process

Why is this important?

We need to follow processes to gain a thorough understanding of users' needs and requirements, and then ensure that we build and maintain our sites to meet those needs concisely. Don’t take “It’s always been that way” for an answer. It takes work to make things simple.

Checklist of things to do

Planning and research

  • Create a user research plan that spans every stage of your web project (when appropriate)
  • Complete a site content audit
  • Review analytics data
  • Clearly define your site's goals and objectives based on users' needs

Building and evaluating your site

  • Build prototypes that incorporate the end-to-end user experience
  • Outline problems uncovered though user research and testing and identify solutions
  • Conduct usability testing before and after your site launch (include users who require assistance to access digital content)
  • Put a plan in place for evaluating and revising your site on an ongoing basis

Ensuring compliance with guidelines and requirements pertaining to digital content

Supporting resources

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