Sustainable Travel

Procurement Services collaborates closely with the Office of Sustainability to implement the University’s Vision 2020: Climate and Sustainability Action Plan. In addition to setting a carbon neutrality target for 2040, this plan identifies the need for our community to travel more sustainably.

Sustainable travel at McGill University refers to travel-related decisions and activities that take full account of present and future environmental, social, and economic impacts in our local and host communities, while supporting the University in delivering its mandate.

By choosing more sustainable travel and accommodation choices, you can mitigate the negative impacts that your actions and purchases have on local employment and businesses, as well as cultural and environmental heritage. Of course, traveling more sustainably can also help minimize emissions to air, water and soil, reduce light and sound pollution, and mitigate detrimental effects on biodiversity.

Did you know that travel and mobility contributed 26% of McGill’s quantified greenhouse gas emissions in 2017? To reduce our emissions we need support from our community, especially for emission sources with a high degree of personal choice such as travel.

For more detailed information please consult the McGill Office of Sustainability’s Sustainable Travel and Mobility Guide.

McGill University's quantified greenhouse gas emissions by scope and activity for 2017