Suspension of University-sponsored Travel

Covid 19

Travel suspension reminder

University-sponsored travel continues to be suspended until further notice. Deans and unit heads (AVP level or above) may grant exemptions for mission-critical, time-sensitive activities within Canada, as well as select international activities.  

Please see link below for more details.

COVID-19 Updates

New requirements for travel to/from Canada

Rules for entering and flying out of/within Canada (both by flight and land border), COVID-19 testing, vaccination & quarantine requirements are frequently being updated by the Canadian Government. 

Please check the links below regularly for the latest news and developments, as the situation is continually evolving.

Airline Policies COVID-19

 Please click on the links below to see the most up to date and detailed airline policies. This information is also likely to change depending on rapidly-evolving circumstances.

Sustainable Lodging Tips

Look for more sustainable lodging options. Some hotels and guesthouses take tangible steps to reduce their environmental impacts. Research carefully, and refer to credible sustainability ranking and certification schemes where available such as Green Key Global, Green Globe or Trip Advisor’s Green Leaders

Inquire about their commitment to sustainability. If a trusted certification or ranking is not available, make inquiries. Do they have a policy or strategy for addressing social, environmental, and economic criteria? Have they implemented any sustainability initiatives? Be aware of greenwashing and marketing gimmicks.

Choose accommodation that reduces daily travel. If possible, choose lodging in a neighbourhood that will allow you to use active or public transit to get to events and meetings.

Be a conscientious visitor. You can take small actions to reduce the impact of your stay. Turn off lights and A/C when you’re not in the room, opt out of having your linens and towels changed daily, bring your own toiletries to mitigate single-use plastics, and unplug small appliances and electronics you don’t plan on using. If you are so inclined, take time to learn about the local history and culture and enjoy locally produced food, too.

University Travel Registration Form for Faculty and Staff

It is imperative that you register your travel information using the on-line University Travel Registration form for Faculty and Staff. If you are not already logged in, you will be required to log-in for access.


Important notice for international travelers

The Government of Canada provides essential information on travel health risks and preventive measures to keep you safe during your travels. It is important to review the Travel website of Canada each time before you book your travels. Under Travel Health Notices the Public Health Agency of Canada outline potential health risks to Canadian travelers and recommend ways to help reduce them.


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