CMHRU Meetings 2016

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
3:00 – 5:00


Mad” resistance: The new birth of anti-psychiatry (January 20)
Hanna Ashkinaze

From validating an arts-based assessment to raising questions about the epistemology of diagnosis and (clinical) ontology of early psychosis (January 27)
Hiba Zafran

Contemplative neurophenomenology of dreaming (February 17)
Elizaveta Solomonova

Teaching mental health in Sub-Saharan Africa: Time to make room for culture, more psychology, and less psychiatry(February 24)
Neda Faregh

Mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of Syrian refugees: A culturally sensitive approach (March 16)
Anne-Sophie Cardinal & Kinda Nehlawi

Toward a Cultural Neurophenomenology of grief (March 23)
Laurence Kirmayer

Exploring clinical practice using interpretative phenomenological analysis: Preliminary results (March 30)
Dr. Saraga

Hospital practices & urban diversity (April 6)
Sylvie Fortin

Social and psychological correlates of dissociation in ‘healthy’ school children in Nepal (April 20)
Ram Sapkota & Laurence Kirmayer

Writing for Publication (September 7)
Laurence Kirmayer

Chasing the Dragon: The Malleable Addict and Losing Face In a Chinese Therapeutic Community (September 21)
Sandra Hyde

Women as Troublemakers: The “Hard” Sociopolitical Context of “Soft” Bipolar Women (September 28)
Fahimeh Mianji

Understanding the motivations of health-care providers in performing female genital mutilation: an integrative review of the literature (October 19)
Marie-Helene Doucet

Toward a Culturally Responsive Model of Mental Health Literacy: Facilitating Help-Seeking Among East Asian Immigrants to North America (October 26)
Sumin Na

Thinking Through Other Minds: Steps to a Social Rehearsal Theory of Cognition and Ontogenetic Plasticity (November 2)
Samuel Veissière

‘Strange Love’ in intersubjective spaces: Untangling the relational motif in participatory research with disadvantaged children in Kingston, Jamaica (November 16)
Nicole D’Souza

Maternal mental health, social support, sense of belonging and child attachment in South Asian immigrant families (November 30)
Vanessa Lecompte

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