CMHRU Meetings 2008

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
1:00 – 2:30


Do patient responses to research questionnaires mean what we think they do? The mysterious case of post-myocardial infarction depression and the missing somatic symptoms (January 16th)
Brett Thombs

Do they know something we don’t? Comparing physician and patient perspectives of illness in pulmonary hypertension (January 23rd)
Andrena Pierre & Dr. Karl Looper

Ethnopsychiatric work with immigrant patients at the Avicenne Hospital, France (Marie Rose Moro’s approach) (February 6th)
Felicia Heidenreich

Selling sobriety: addiction and the therapeutic market in Russia (February 13th)
Eugene Raikhel

Suicide in the South Asian diaspora – new findings (February 20th)
Kwame McKenzie

Movie: The Fallen Feather: Indian Industrial Residential Schools (March 12th)

Responsibility and rehabilitation in Russia’s forensic psychiatric system (March 19th)
Eugene Raikhel

Videoconference: Statistical approaches to mental health services & policy research (March 26th)
Norbert Schmitz

Psychological & cultural determinants of low breastfeeding rate and context of poverty (April 2nd)
Danielle Groleau

Dimensional models of personality disorders: The case of schizotypal personality disorder (April 9th)
Angela Ring

Promoting child and adolescent mental health in the context of HIV/AIDS: Measuring depression in Namibia (April 16th)
Monica Ruiz-Casares

Social representation of traumatic experiences among Palestinians in Gaza (April 23rd)
Hamid Afana

Videoconference: Is there a social gradient in depression? Evidence from the Whitehall II Study (April 30th)
Rebecca Fuhrer

Living an interdependent life in an independent world: What the Maori have taught me (May 7th)
Stephane Dandeneau

Movie: Voices (May 14th)

Are you now a Qallunaaq? Inuit tuberculosis evacuees in the 1940s-1950s: Negotiating Inuit identities in changing times and changing cultural contexts (May 21st)
Ebba Oloffson & Tara Holton

Trauma and dissociation in somatization disorder: A survey in a rural area, Mus, Turkey (May 28th)
Okan Taycan

Gendering stigma in Peruvian men and women with severe mental illness (June 4th)
Chantal Robillard

'Um Outro Olhar' (An Other Way). Movie on psychiatric reform in Brazil (June 11th)
Danielle Groleau & Patricia Guimares

Videoconference: Thinking ethically in health services research (June 18th)
N. Jacobson

I am afraid of falling. Speak well of me, speak well for me. Reflections on the case of a migrant woman's life and the simulacra of culture (June 25th)
Cristiana Giordano

The knowledge of the pangool. Ethnographic research with a seereer healer in rural Sengal (July 9th)
Felicia Heidenreich

How to prepare grants for FRSQ (July 23rd)
Danielle Groleau

Facteurs socioculturels relatifs aux troubles du comportement chez les eleves d'origine quebecoise du secteur public primaire de l'est de Montreal (July 30th)
Paula St. Arnaud

Family participation and post discharge outcomes at a Nigerian psychiatric hospital (August 13th)
Ademola Adeponle

Approaches to cultural competence and sensitivity (August 20th)
Andrew Ryder

Building methods and collaborating processes through interactions between traditional, religious and biomedical practitioners in Cameroon (September 3rd)
Andre Wamba

Cultural diversity and the Mental Health Commission of Canada (September 10th)
Laurence J. Kirmayer

A therapeutic follow-up of a schizophrenic patient from a psychiatric hospital to Mami-Wata's sanctuary: Personal dilemmas, psychiatric knowledge questioning, and clinical perspectives (September 17th)
Lonzozou Kpanake

Videoconference: Initial lessons from the establishment of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (September 24th)

A lost 'cause?': Modeling the causal effect o a longitudinal exposure in social epidemiology (October 1st)
Sheila McDonald

Macro- and micro-ethical issues implicated in research with HIV-positive urban Aboriginal women (October 8th)
Judy Malik

Does understanding behaviour make it seem normal? Perceptions of abnormality among people from Western European and East Asian cultural backgrounds (October 15th)
Lauren Ban

Cultural competence for mental health professionals: The 'Canadian persepective' (October 22nd)
Andrew Ryder

Videoconference: Why sex and gender matter in mental health and addictions (October 29th)

Movie: Feeling multicultural-Decolonizing affect theory colloquium (November 6th)

Reflections on torture in light of the so-called war on error: Professional roles and practice (November 12th)
Hamid Afana

Man cannot live by pills alone: Religion and recovery from severe mental illness (November 26th)
Rob Whitley

Psychopathology of suicide attempts in Togo: An approach by the African concept of the person (December 10th)
Lonzozou Kpanake

Videoconference: Exploitation of research subjects in international clinical trials
(December 17th)
J. Snyder

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