CMHRU Meetings 2011

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
3:00 – 4:30


Challenges in the development and evaluation of two mental health promotion programmes for children (January 19th)
Brian Mishara

Understanding the experience of Inuit youth in a residential youth protection program (January 26th)
Sarah Fraser
Research Section Meeting (February 9th)

Challenges to see patients from South American countries at a psychiatric clinic in Japan (February 16th)
Shu Kondo
Too depressed to care? Cultural shaping of emotional reactivity and well-being (March 2nd)
Yulia Chentsova Dutton
Research Section Meeting (March 9th)

Good intentions gone to hell? Postmodernity, psychiatric movements, and an ongoing ethnographic study of “first episode psychosis” dedicated clinics in Montreal (March 23rd)
Constantin Tranulis, Melissa Park, Hiba Zafran
Go Ahead, Call It a Vison Quest: How New Media Art Will Save the Indians (March 30th)
Skawannati Tricia Fragnito
Culture and the concept of resilience (April 6th)
Lauren Ban
Research Section Meeting (April 13th)
I cannot bring a world quite round although I patch it as I can: Spiritual care, mental health and disaster response in a new age of anxiety (April 20th)
Joshua Moses
Perspectives of illness and resilience in the Peruvian Highlands: Notes from the field (June 15th)
Nicole D’Souza

Identifying universal characteristics of dramatic social change: A Mongolian and Kyrgyz perspective (July 13th)
Roxane de la Sablonniere

Explicit and implicit attitudes of Canadian physicians towards patients with mental illness: Protocol for a nationwide, web-based survey (July 20th)
Layla Dabby

Social defeat or social resistance? Reconceptualizing the lives of people with severe mental illness (July 27th)
Rob Whitley

Fighting stigma by changing names: The case of schizophrenia (August 3rd)
Constantin Tranulis

Bi-routed: Land, rivers, selves and disembedding moments in Eeyou Istchee (August 31st)
Greg Brass

Third party’s reactions to genocide are influence by norms on responsibility and feeling of guilt (September 7th)
Andrena Pierre

Research Section Meeting (September 14th)

Selling your body and your mind: Risk, profit and the ethics of Phase I psychotropic drug trials among healthy paid subjects in Philadelphia (September 21st)
Roberto Abadie Demarchi

The mystery of hyperemesis: Latest results from our immigrant population (September 28th)
Danielle Groleau

Research Section Meeting (October 12th)

Illness narrative qualitative study with the MINI: mental health problem and trauma experience in Cambodia (October 19th)
Naofumi Yoshida

Culture, clergy and clinicians: A neurodevelopmental continuum of mental health care (October 26th)
Glen Milstein

Inequality and the misuses of ‘historical trauma’ in northern Labrador (November 2nd)
Joshua Moses

Research Section Meeting (November 9th)

How to conduct a literature review: Sharpening your tools (November 16th)
Teodora Constantinescu

Differential trauma descendant legacies: Cambodian-Canadian and Jewish-Holocaust descendant accounts of post-genocide distress and wellness (November 23rd)
Carol Kidron
The role of culture in person-centered psychiatry (November 30th)
Venkat Bhat

Towards culture-conscious mental health services in Saskatchewan: Preliminary needs assessment (December 7th)
Sadeq Rahimi

Research Section Meeting (December 14th)

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