CMHRU Meetings 2009

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
1:00 – 2:30


Endnote Workshop (January 7th)
Stephane Dandeneau

Moody migrants: Anxiety, disillusionment and gendered Hindu sentiment in the Kasbahs of Uttarakhand, India (January 14th)
Megha Sedhev

Movie: Qallunaat. Why White People are Funny (January 21st)

Videoconference: Culture-sensitive data collection. The cross-cultural validity of mental health scales (January 28th)

Pathways to care of ethnoracial minority patients with first-episode psychosis (February 4th)
Eric Jarvis

Stigma and illness representations of people living with HIV/AIDS in a rural area in Brazil (February 11th)
Patricia Guimares

The role of health professionals in protracted conflicts: Professional, ethical and political perspectives (February 18th)
Hamid Afana

Videoconference (February 25th)

Movie: i for India (March 4th)

Community, mental health, philosophy and implementation (March 11th)
Hamid Afana

Does screening for depression help patients? Can it harm them? (March 18th)
Brett Thombs

A crisis of adolescence? The subjective experiences of medicated teens (March 25th)
Aidan Jeffery

Folk explanations of abnormal behavior: An overview of recent research (April 1st)
Lauren Ban

Serious games science: from lab studies to commercialized video game (April 15th)
Stephane Dandeneau

Integrated knowledge translation: A report from a CIHR workshop (April 22nd)
Eugene Raikhel & Aidan Jeffery

Living with uncertainty and risk: the experience and ecisions of women carrying a BRCA 1/2 mutation (July 8th)
Alicia Navarro de Souza

Being black in Africa may be bad for your mental health: understanding motives for skin bleaching in Togo (July 15th)
Lonzozou Kpanake

Creating meaning in first episode psychosis: from understanding to therapy (July 22nd)
Constantin Tranulis

‘Somatization’ and ‘psychologication’ in China and Canada: From psychopathology to treatment (July 29th)
Andrew Ryder

The United Nations detention facilities of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Overview of detainees’ rights (August 5th)
Michel Okitapoy

Coping with traumatic experiences in political conflicts in the Gaza Strip (August 19th)
Abdel Hamid Afana

Movie: Rwanda: Do Scars Ever Fade? (August 26th)

Experiential and medical knowledge on schizophrenia – studying narratives at community mental health services in Brazil (September 2nd)
Erotildes Leal

Recovery and Rehabilitation from Severe Mental Illness: Empirical Observations (September 9th)
Rob Whitley

Endnote Workshop (September 16th)
Stephane Dandeneau

Pathways to Care of Ethnoracial Minority Patients after the First Episode of Psychosis (FEP) (September 23rd)
G. Eric Jarvis

Movie: The Knowledge of Healing (September 30th)

Movie: The Journals of Knud Rasmussen (October 7th)

Wrestling with the Angels of History: Social and Cultural Roots of Resilience (October 14th)
Laurence Kirmayer

A mother’s touch: maternal participation in translating HIV breastfeeding policy into action (October 21st)
Lindiwe Sibeko

The role of family in first episode psychosis: Reliminary “insights” from Chennai and Montreal (October 28th)
Alessandra Miklavcic

The uses of the DSM-IV outline for cultural formulation: from case conceptualization to treatment plan (November 4th)
Nathalie Dinh

Research Section Meeting: Optimize your research using up-to-date library resources (November 11th)
Teodora Constantinescu

Pathways towards cure in mental illness: How Andean peasants navigate between clinical care and soul-calling ceremonies (November 18th)
David Orr

Ethnodrama and cinema for social change: creating cultural empathy in Sri Lankan society (November 25th)
Shavindra Dias & Stephen Snow

Pathways towards cure 2: Mental illness, the soul and Evangelical Pentecostalism among peasants in the southern Peruvian Andes (December 2nd)
David Orr

Research Section Meeting (December 9th)
Dr. McInnes

Movie: Kahnawa:ke Revisited: The St. Lawrence Seaway (December 16th)
Morgan Phillips & Kakwinoron Cook

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