CMHRU Meetings 2018

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
3:00 – 5:00


Strengths-based Approaches to Indigenous Mental Health Research: Methodological, Conceptual, and Epistemic Issues (January 24)
Laurence Kirmayer

New Perspectives on Indigenous Mental Health: Latent Characteristics that Underlie Three Distinct Typologies of Suicide in Nunavut Communities (January 31)
Neda Faregh

Indigenous Knowledges: Epistemic Injustice and Methodological Pluralism (February 7)
Laurence Kirmayer

Social and Psychological Correlates of Mass Psychogenic Illness Epidemics in Nepal (March 7)
Ram Sapkota

How to Write a Qualitative Paper in Health Research and Get Published (March 21)
Danielle Groleau

Advancing Enactivism: Cultural Affordances, Improvisation and Métissage (March 28)
Laurence Kirmayer

Advancing Enactivism: Cultural Affordances, Improvisation and Métissage Part II (April 4)
Laurence Kirmayer

Musicians-in-Action: Jazz Improvisation, Cultural Affordances, and Embodied Music Cognition (May 16)
Kevin Ryan

Cultural Affordances: Measuring Gendered Stigma Through Valence Sampling (May 30)
Samuel Veissière

Refracting Affect: Dispossession, & Therapeutic Dispositifs (June 6)
Samuel Collu

Writing for Publication (September 5)
Laurence Kirmayer

A Project’s Story: Cultural Evaluation, Implementation and Evaluation of a Family Wellness Program in Partnership with First Nations across Canada (September 26)
Dominique Geoffroy

“If a Griot Sang the Praises of your Ancestor by the Intermediary of your Family Name, What Emotion would you Experience?” Family-systems and Culture in the Context of a Humanitarian Crisis (October 3)
Neda Faregh

Empirical and Everyday Ethics in the Context of Neurological Diversity (October 17)
Ariel Cascio

Affective Arrangements in Mental Health: Insights from Cultural Psychiatry and Enactivist Cognitive Science (October 24)
Laurence Kirmayer

Agency, Embodiment and Enactment in Psychosomatic Theory and Practice (November 21)
Laurence Kirmayer

Global Mental Health & Cultural Psychiatry: Creative Tensions in the Discourse (November 28)
Kam Bhui

Thinking through Other Minds: An Active Inference Approach to Cognition and Culture (December 5)
Samuel Veissière, Axel Constant & Maxwell Ramstead

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