CMHRU Meetings 2006

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
1:30 – 3:00


Age-based treatment disparities in women with breast cancer (January 25th)
Dr. Karl Looper

Coping in difficult times. The tuberculosis epidemic among the Inuit in the 1950s (February 15th)
Ebba Olofsson

The empowerment of women caregivers of children with special healthcare needs (February 22nd)
Eliane Vernier

The ecocentric self: an emerging model of Inuit identity (March 1st)
Claire Fantus

Movie: Broken Promises, The High Arctic Relocation (April 5th)

Reductionism in Psychiatry (April 19 th)
Ian Gold

Bad moms, good moms: The morality of motherhood in the age of anxiety (April 26th)
Rob Whitley

Movie: Moving the Mountain (May 10th)

Examining a bidimensional model of acculturation across three domains of cultural change in a multi-ethnic community sample (May 17th)
Jessica Dere

Movie: Lost Boys of Sudan (June 14th)

Psychiatric diagnostic Skills of Yachactaita (Inca Healers) -- Forgotten partners in global mental health? (June 21st)
Dr. Mario Incayawar

Movie: Once Were Warriors (July 12 th)

Egorrhea symptoms in normal university students: a Taijin-kyofusho study in Japan (July 26th)
Jun Sasaki

Thinking about trauma and the body (August 2nd)
Kelly McKinney

Why are immigrants at increased risk for psychosis? Two neurobiological hypotheses (August 9th)
Dr. Marie-Jose Dealberto

Psychological perspectives on the origins and maintenance of cultural meaning (August 30th)
Andrew Ryder

The future of somatoform disorders in DSM-V. Discussion of the APA/WHO meeting on “Somatic presentations of mental disorders” in the series on “the future of psychiatric diagnosis: refining the research agenda” (September 13th)
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer

A sociosomatic explanation for not enough breastmilk: the common voice after Kangaroo Care (September 20th)
Ivone Evangelista Cabral

Developments in cultural therapy (September 27th)
Dr. Fred Hickling

Psychological perspectives on the origins and maintenance of cultural meaning, part II: discussion (October 4th)
Andrew Ryder

Collective control, cultural identity, and the psychological well-being of Canadian Aboriginal youth (October 11th)
Melissa Tiessen

The ineffectiveness of symbols and the chemical ecology of shamanic information (October 18th)
Robin Rodd

Why Tibetan refugees don’t use hospital services in South India (October 25th)
Danielle Groleau

Movie: Voices (November 1st)

The role of social factors in the etiology of psychosis: a US-UK comparison (November 8th)
Dr. G. Eric Jarvis

Reflecting on Ethnographic Approaches in Medical Settings: How to Bridge Emic and Etic (November 15th)
Alessandra Miklavcic

Movie: Hank Williams First Nation (November 22nd)

Exploring the healing processes and mechanisms of dang-ki (Chinese Shamanism) in Singapore (November 29th)
Boon-Ooi Lee

Movie: Born into Brothels (December 6th)

A new age of anxiety: Emerging trends in religion, spirituality and disaster mental health in New York City (December 13th)
Josua Moses

Movie: Elling (December 20th)

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