CMHRU Meetings 2003

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
1:30 – 3:00


Biomedical response to cultural diversity: The case of Swiss paediatricians working with interpreters in follow-up consultations (January 8th)
Yvan Leanza

Stigma is medical illness (January 15th)
Dr. Karl Looper

Illness narratives and medically unexplained symptoms (January 22nd)
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer

An evaluation of patients’ perceptions of therapist’s cultural competence (January 29th)
Caminee Blake

Topics in the Emergency Treatment of Psychosis: Part II (February 5th)
Dr. G. Eric Jarvis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: More Than Just a Question of Fatigue (February 12th)
Suzanne Taillefer

Narratives of Compliance After an Infarct (February 26th)
Danielle Groleau

Challenges in assessing attachment patterns of mothers and toddlers in a South African township (March 5th)
Dr. Klaus Minde

Epistemology and Aboriginal Health (April 2nd)
Margaret Cargo

A comprehensive and multisite research on suicide (April 9th)
Dr. Medhi Hassanzadeh

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Challenges for the Criminal Justice System (April 16th)
Caroline Tait

Cross-Cultural Differences in the Prevalence and Presentation of Somatoform Disorders (April 23rd)Dr. Yaser Al-Huthail, psychiatrist from Saudi Arabia, is a discussant
Dr. Karl Looper

Correlates of Body Mass Index (BMI) of Adult Cree in Northern Quebec (April 30th)
Ken Paul

Social Capital, Ethnicity and Mental Health: Results from a London Case Study (July 2nd)
Rob Whitley

Psycho-Cultural Determinants of Breast-Feeding Among Very Poor French Canadians (July 16th)
Danielle Groleau

Ethnographic Interviews of Patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms (July 30th)
Dr. Melissa Dominice Dao

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Research Grant Round II (August 13th)
Dr. Karl Looper

An Overview of Cultural Consultation Research (August 20th)
Dr. G. Eric Jarvis

Planning for the CMHRU & CCS Presentations at the 50th Anniversary Symposium on September 19th (September 10th)
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer

Ethnic Density & Mental Health in New Parents (September 17th)
Rob Whitley

Client Perceptions of Therapist’s Cultural Competence (October 1st)
Caminee Blake

Health Promotion & Aboriginal Health: A Discussion of Issues (October 8th)
Margaret Cargo

A Cultural Psychiatric Study of Psychosis in Turkey (October 15th)
Sadeq Rahimi

From Trauma to Myth: Narratives of the Ethiopian Jewish Journey (October 29th)
Gadi BenEzer

Boredom and Suicide: Is there a Relationship? (November 5th)
Ken Paul

Whakamomori: Mäori Suicide Prevention (November 12th)
Nicole Coupe

The Meaning of ‘Mind’ and ‘Brain’ in Contemporary Psychiatry (November 19th)
Dr. Marc Miresco

Cultural Renaissance and Ethnic Identity; “You’re Not Native, Maybe in Your Big Toe” (December 3rd)
Ebba Olofsson

Eva Libman (December 10th)

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