CMHRU Meetings 2007

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
1:00 – 2:30


Attribution styles of somatic symptoms in depression (January 10th)
Dr. Okan Taycan

Migration, ethnicity and psychosis: exploring the borders (January 17th)
Jason Morrisson

Traumatized refugee claimants: implications of the new IRB guidelines on vulnerable claimants for clinical assessments in the context of refugee status proceedings (January 24th)
Janet Cleveland

Writing for publication: strategies and resources (January 31st)
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer

Writing for publicaton: strategies and resources – part II (February 7th)
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer

Getting to the heart of measurement in transcultural psychiatry (February 14th)
Brett Thombs

Narrative navigation in oscillating spaces: meaningful moments of institutional crisis in a therapeutic community (February 21st)
Greg Brass

Cultural models and somatic syndromes (March 7th)
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer

Movie: Jesus Camp (March 14th)

Field photography: The marsh Arabs of Iraq, 1934 (March 21st)
Dr. Omar Dewachi

Exploring correlates of suicidality in Gujarat, India (March 28th)
Yogini Nath

Transmission of cultural values of origin: An issue of identity, continuity and integration (April 4th)
Ghayda Hassan

Planning community-based monitoring, counselling and rehabilitation services for ‘disabled’ children in Eritrea (April 11th)
Dr. Chiara Servili

Movie: 49 Up (April 18th)

A cognitive model of egorrhea symptoms (April 25th)
Jun Sasaki

Suicide prevention policy and implications for Nunavut legislation (May 2nd)
Lisette Hoeltzel

Depressive symptoms in relation to physical health in pulmonary hypertension (May 23rd)
Andrena Pierre

Beyond ‘somatizatoin’ and ‘psychologization’: Unpacking cross-cultural differences in the presentation of depression (May 30th)
Jessica Dere & Andrew Ryder

Movie: Beyond Human Endurance (Dr. L. Kirmayer, discussant) (June 6th)

Movie: Hofmann’s Potion (June 20th)

Perceived helpfulness of dang-ki (Chinese shamanism in Singapore) (June 27th)
Boon Ooi Lee

Movie: Untitled – Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (July 4th)
Mental health and well-being of urban help-seeking women (July 11th)
Kaha:wi Jacobs

Lessons learned in conducting Aboriginal community-based research (July 18th)
Melissa Tiessen

Culture and confounding: what do mulivariate models really tell us? (July 25th)
Brett Tombs

Psyched for school: vitamin R, ADHD and the 21st Century University (August 1st)
Kelly McKinney

Culture, Meaning, and Mortality Documentary: Flight from Death: The Quest for Immmortality (August 8th)
Andew Ryder

Correlates of psychological distress amongst adult Inuit in Nunavik, northern Quebec: final results (August 15th)
Ken Paul

Movie: When the Mountains Tremble (August 22nd)

How to obtain PhD student grants at the FRSQ (September 5th)
Danielle Groleau

Dogon’s traditional healing, psychiatry and phenomenological psychopathology in dialogue at the C.R.M.T. (Research Center on Traditional Medicine) in Bandiagara, Mali (September 26th)
Dr. Vincenzo Spigonardo

Resilience, ‘enculturation’ and identity (October 3rd)
Tara Holton

Toward breaking the vicious cycle of low self-esteem with rejection-inhibiting attentional training (October 10th)
Stephane Dandeneau

The ‘social brain’ and its cultural context (October 17th)
Suparna Choudhury

Ethical dilemmas: Rthinking mental health serice practices for remote Indigous settings (in Australia) (October 24th)
Radhika Santhanam

Changing psychiatric perception of African Americans with psychosis: 1842-2007 (October 31st)
Dr. G. Eric Jarvis

Translating fanon in the Italian context: rethinking the ethics of treatment in psychiatry (November 7th)
Cristiana Giordano

Cultural therapy and postcolonial psychiatry (November 14th)
Dr. Frederick Hickling

Cognitive vulnerability to depression in children and adolescents (December 5th)
John Abela

The natural self-evidence: prolegomena for an anthropology of common sense (December 12)
Dr. Vincenzo Spigornardo

Movie: Muffins for Granny (December 19th)

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