CMHRU Meetings 2012

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
3:00 – 4:30


Research Section Meeting (January 11th)

Recovery centers for people with mental illness: Millstones or stepping stones (January 18th)
Robert Whitley

… if I don’t lose my voice”: Resilience and Resistance in Wemindji (January 25th)
Greg Brass

Pragmatic religiosity: Patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives on psychiatric and religious expertise in India (February 1st)
Johannes Quack

Research Section Meeting (February 8th)

Public health approach to counter terrorism (February 15th)
Myrna Lashly

Beyond PTSD: Religion, mobility and social networks in highland Peru (February 22nd)
Nicole D’Souza

Deficits in the synthetic capacity for metacognition in schizophrenia: Methods for assessment within personal narratives and associations with outcome (February 29th)
Paul Lysaker

Research Section Meeting (March 14th)

Narratives of resilience and survival among research subjects enrolled in HIV clinical trials in Philadelphia (March  21)
Roberto Abadie Demarchi

Ecology and community intervention: When community development is the goal of community work (March 28)
Ed Trickett

Writing for publication (April 4)
Laurence Kirmayer

Research Section Meeting (April 11)                       

Community mental health program in Nepal (April 18)
Ram Sapkota

Culture, suicide and social conditions in Aboriginal Communities: A social network approach (April 25)
Kirk Dombrowski

Studen Research Day (June 13)

The age of trauma: A philosophical archaeology (July 11)
Vincenzo Di Nicola

First Episode Psychosis: New Cultural Constructions of Madness in Psychiatry (August 29)
Constantin Tranulis

Social inclusion, civic engagement and citizenship in the risk society: A socio-cultural comparison (September 5)
Dr. Robert Whitley & Jennifer Silva

Introducing cultural contexts when presenting quantitative data: Mental health results from the Inuit Health Survey (Nunavut) (September 19)
Dominique Geoffroy

Subjectivity, culture and EASE (October 3)
Joseph Parnas

Disaster Mental Health Response and Bureaucratic Spirituality (October 17)
Joshua Moses

Religion, culture and infertility: Understanding the experience of Hasidic Jews in Quebec (October 24)
Rebecca Guttman

Citizen science and biopunk: Exploring a new research programme on biology and self-identity (October 31)
Suparna Choudhury

Promoting the mental health of ethno-culturally diverse adolescents: Systematic review and environmental scan (November 7)
Jennifer Drummond

Global health and policy translation: Women’s embodied experience of infant feeding in Quebec (November 21)
Luisa Molino

ICD11 stress-related diseases: Discussing culture and clinical utility (November 28)
Cecile Rousseau

A community sample of Bangladeshi and Tamil youth in Montreal (December 5)
Jaswant Guzder

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