CMHRU Meetings 2010

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
3:00 – 4:30


Suicide ideation and attempt among adolescents reporting “unsure” sexual identity or heterosexual identity plus same-sex attraction or behavior: Forgotten groups? (January 6th)
Yue Zhao

Research Section Meeting: Living with uncertainty and risk: The experience and decisions of women carrying a BRCA-mutation (January 13th)
Alicia Navarro de Souza

Unpacking cultural differences in alexithymia: A cross-cultural examination of the association between cultural values and externally oriented thinking (January 20th)
Jessica Dere

Projet trajectoires: Models of primary mental health services in Nunavik and Lower North Sore (January 27th)
Lily Lessard

Rethinking ‘Chinese Somatization’: A research proposal for CIHR (February 3rd)
Andrew Ryder

Research Section Meeting: The early signs of psychopathology in children with prenatal adversity: Preliminary findings from the Maternal Adversity Vulnerability and Neurodevelopment (MAVAN) project (February 10th)
Ashley Wazana

An Indigenous Approach to art therapies: Storytelling as a response to intergenerational trauma. A journey in Aotearoa New Zealand (February 17th)
Nathalia Gagnon

Optimize your research using up-to-date library resources (February 24th)
Teordora Constantinescu

Embodied and enacted stories: Narrative and the rhetorical roots of resilience (March 3rd)
Laurence Kirmayer

Research Section Meeting: Cognitive therapy for obsessional doubts: An inference based approach (March 10th)
Kieron O’Connor

The experience of women living with scleroderma: A qualitative approach (March 24th)
Evan Newton

Promoting traditional food to Inuit youth using traditional knowledge: A storytelling intervention (March 31st)
Sennait Yohannes

Assessing the mental health of immigrant and refugee children in Montreal: How are emotional and behavioural symptoms related to pre- and post-migratory factors? (April 7th)
Tonje Persson

Research Section Meeting: Forensic mental health: Are we reinstitutionalizing through the back door? (April 14th)
Anne Crocker

How transparent is evidence reporting in meta- analyses? An assessment of hidden conflicts of interests in meta-analyses of pharmacological treatments (April 21st)
Michelle Roseman

Transparency of outcome reporting in behavioral health research: A systematic review (June 16th)
Katherine Milette

Culture and recovery: Defining a Research Agenda (June 23rd)
Rob Whitley

Use of cultural consultation to resolve uncertainty of psychosis diagnosis (June 30th)
Ademola Adeponle

Patients diagnosed with non-epileptic seizures: their perspective and experience (July 7th)
Phil Dickinson

The developmental role of music in adolescence (July 14th)
Dave Miranda

How to prepare FRSQ PhD bursaries (July 21st)
Danielle Groleau

A first look at the impact of torture on the mental health of refugees seeking services through New England Survivors of Torture and Trauma (NESTT) (July 28th)
Karen Fondacara (U of Vermont)

Exploring the effects of music on pain perception (August 4th)
Laura Mitchell

Understanding resilience through revitalizing traditional ways of healing in a Kanien’kehaka community (August 11th)
Morgan Phillips

Adapting the Cultural Formulation for use in older adults with dementia (August 25th)
Ladson Hinton

An effective self-monitoring method by visualizing with diagrams for the purpose of social recovery in Asperger’s syndrome in adults (September 1st)
Naofumi Yoshida

Research Section Meeting: Hyperemesis and immigrant women: A sociosomatic problem? (September 8th)
Danielle Groleau

Perspectives on resilience and illness in the Peruvian highlands: A longitudinal follow-up study (September 15th)
Nicole D’Souza

The reality of living in the Gaza Strip (September 22nd)
Hamid Afana

Living with schizophrenia in a poor community in Brazil: Experiences, beliefs and practices of patients and their families (September 29th)
Patricia Guimares

The role of spirituality and religion in youth suicide attempters’ perceptions of mental health services: Themes from a descriptive study (October 6th)
Marie Bullock

Research Section Meeting: Making cognitive-behaviour therapy more acceptable: The judicious use of safety behaviour (October 13th)
Adam Radomsky

Cultural perspectives in person-centered psychiatry (October 20th)
Venkat Bhat

Movie (October 27th)

Coping by music listening (November 3rd)
Dave Miranda

Research Section Meeting (November 10th)

Policy community relations in Montreal (November 17th)
Myrna Lashley

Research Section Meeting (December 8th)

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