CMHRU Meetings 2015

Wednesday Research Meetings

ICFP, Room 218B
3:00 – 4:30


Traditional decision making in contemporary child welfare: Relying on Dane-zaa laws to care for and protect children and families (January 21)
Vanessa Curie

Music-evoked ethnic identity development in late adolescence (January 28)
Dave Miranda

Globalization of western psychiatry: The uses of bipolar spectrum disorder as a popular diagnosis in Iran (February 18)
Fahimeh Mianji

The forces of staying in touch: Reading migrant correspondence in a digital age (February 25)
Sonia Cancian

A scalable and sustainable solution for early childhood education in slums: Proposed pilot in Haiti for 2016 (March 4)
Amanda Chalupa

Youth suicide as a contemporary coming of age pathology (March 18)
Daniel Dagenais

To experience illness through words (March 25)
Jean-Francois Saucier & Michèle Salesse

Building cities of refuge: Gender safety and cooperatives in refugee camps (April 1)
Neda Faregh

Pros, cons and alternatives of a visual method to engange children in studying risk and protection (April 29)
Monica Ruiz-Casares

Social enterprise models for supporting mental health outreach through community health workers (May 6)
Kevin McKague

Outline of an epistemology of clinical practice (May 27)
Michael Saraga

Culture in the clinic: A research agenda (September 2)
Andrew Ryder

From cultural psychiatry to clinical practice: Italian immigration in the time of Lampedusa emergency. The experience of the Department of Mental Health and of the hospital “ai Colli” in Bologna, Italy (September 16)
Vincenzo Spigonardo

Social interactions influence individual self-construal (October 14)
Daina Crafa

Psychedelics in cultural context: Mapping the adaptation of an ayahuasca religion in Canada (October 21)
Eli Sheiner

A disrupted “we” - schizophrenia and intersubjectivity (October 28)
Lars Nilsson

Emergency and flight from the self - The experience of shame: Psychological and cultural impacts on Aboriginal identity (November 4)
Richard Rapoport

What culture adds to person-centered psychiatry (November 18)
Laurence Kirmayer

The importance of culture in a well-being promotion program for Indigenous youth (November 25)
Dominique Geoffroy

Usefulness of Bourdieu’s theory of social space and embodiment to evaluate health services: Example with the BFHI case (December 2)
Danielle Groleau

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