SP0129: Plate Club

Status: COMPLETED February 2014 - Winter 2017

The Plate Club is a service on campus that offers the free use of quality reusable dishware and utensils in place of disposable, typically paper or Styrofoam, items. The Plate Club offers their inventory to members of the McGill community in the SSMU cafeteria, and to groups holding events; their ultimate goal being to reduce waste while promoting sustainability and awareness on campus.


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Can you imagine how much space 6 791 plates and bowls, 8 255 glasses and 8 018 utensils worth of disposable Styrofoam, plastic and paper takes up in a landfill? Well, that is exactly how much the McGill Plate Club saved in the 2012-13 school year!

The Plate Club, founded in 2007, is a service provided by the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) that provides reusable dishware, beverage-ware, and utensils, free of charge, in the SSMU cafeteria and to events on campus. The group has had such a positive reception that the only complaint they receive is that there is simply not enough inventory for all those who wish to use it!

Over the course of its existence, the Plate Club has seen a steady annual increase in demand for their inventory and services. Support from the SPF has been granted to help the organization keep up with rental demand by purchasing new inventory, and to make improvements, such as providing the supplies needed to keep the sink area in the SSMU cafeteria clean and sanitary for the McGill community. SPF support is also needed to digitize the inventory management operations of the Club.

During lunch time, the presence of the Plate Club in the SSMU cafeteria is a gentle and positive reminder to consider the waste created by disposable containers and the importance of waste management.  The Club prides themselves as being a student-run, non-profit alternative to otherwise wasteful practices in cafeterias and at events, as well as a tool for the promotion of a sustainable and environmentally-friendly campus.

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SSMU Styrofoam-Free Day, 2011



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