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Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability (SP0028)

Status: COMPLETED April 2010 - January 2011

Amended from the Management Undergraduate Society (MUS) Continuity Report: Aside from the general presence of yet another event related to Sustainability on McGill’s campus, here are a few ways DBCS has contributed to building a culture of sustainability at McGill:

  • Sustainability Fair: Our new and improved sustainability fair has been successful this year. We went from a Sustainability Fair which invited mostly Montreal organizations and corporations to exhibit their CSR strategies and employment opportunities to a Sustainability Fair which included other McGill projects and groups.
  • Contribution of the Faculty of Management, recognition by the Faculty: Many students on campus are always surprised when they realize that DBCS is a Desautels Event, as many people associate Management and Business training with unsustainable practices. 
  • As one of McGill’s biggest Sustainability events, open to all students (including other schools) and the general public, DBCS attracts people from all over Montreal and Canada. Students and staff from Aurora College in the Northwest Territories came to DBCS 2011 in order to start their own Sustainability Conference and to learn from our University’s best practices and to adapt some of our greatest accomplishments to their own school. 
  • Professor Panel: The 2-hr discussion lead by the professor panel entitled “The moral obligations of Management Education” lead delegates to discuss how education (in Desautels, at McGill, and in other universities) could be modified and approached to include a dimension that would address each topic (ie. Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, etc.) within the context of a new business model and a more up-to-date view of the world, including but not limited to the concepts of limited resources, corporate social responsibility, and climate change.
  • Leading by example: Lastly, the organization of the conference was a great example to the delegates, as well as to other Desautels and McGill events, of how to act and consume responsibly. By having composting services available, by using the Plate Club for all meals, through our minimal use of paper and other waste, by encouraging delegates to bring their re-usable bottles, we have shown many people how much easier and inexpensive running events and living responsibly can be.

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