McGill honours champions of equity and diversity


The 2nd annual McGill University Awards for Equity and Community Building were handed out on April 24.

Published on May 8, 2014 | McGill Reporter

by: McGill Reporter Staff

Three awards were presented, one in the student category and two in the team category, highlighting the work of students, faculty and administrative staff who are committed to advancing equity and diversity at McGill, and recognizing their efforts to foster a culture of awareness and inclusiveness.

This year’s award ceremony was held at Thomson House, with the awards being presented by Glenn Zabowski, Associate Dean of Students, and Lydia White, Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures and Equity).

Winner in Student Category: Jacob Sagrans, PhD candidate, Musicology

1. Winners in the team category: Chelsea Barnett and Annie Preston, Coordinators of the Rez Project

2. Winners in the team category: Emily Boytinck and Dan Moczula, Coordinators of Community Engagement Day

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