National KT Conference 2016

About the Conference

Knowing, Sharing, Doing: 1st National Knowledge Translation Conference in Rehabilitation

The School of Physical and Occupational Therapy hosted our 1st National Knowledge Translation Conference in Rehabilitation in Montreal, Quebec.

Date of Conference: May 4 & 5, 2016

Venue: La Plaza- Holiday Inn

Conference goals: 

  • To enhance participants’ capacity in knowledge translation (KT) and KT research in rehabilitation
  • To create networking opportunities and new collaborations for researchers, professional and graduate students, health care professionals, clinical managers/administrators, and decision-makers interested in KT

The conference included seminars, plenary sessions, oral/poster presentations and an interactive KT café.

Conference Program: Day 1 Day 2


The keynote speakers for the 2016 National KT Conference:

Day 1 Presentations


KT Seminars: Novel Advances in Methodologies

  1. Outcome Evaluation - Simon French (Presentation Slides)
  2. Implementation - France Legare (Presentation Slides)
  3. Policy - Michael Wilson (Presentation Slides)


Plenary Session: Strategic Initiatives for KT in Rehabilitation

  1. Plenary Speaker - Melanie Barwick (Presentation Slides)
  2. Research Initiatives - Dahlia Kairy/Aliki Thomas (Presentation Slides)
  3. Education Initiatives - Aliki Thomas (Presentation Slides)
  4. Oral Presentations
    • An Introduction to Knowledge Translation at CIHR (Presentation Slides)
    • Key Messages for Action: Optimizing post-conference knowledge translation - Stephanie Glegg, Andrea Ryce, Lori Roxborough, Karen Derry  (Presentation Slides)


Day 2 Presentations


Edith Strauss Overview

Presentation Slides


Plenary Session 1: Implementation of Evidence for Rehabilitation Practice

  1. Plenary Speaker - Linda Li (Presentation Slides)
  2. Oral Presentations
    • AIMD: A Simplified Framework of Knowledge Translation Interventions - Heather Colquhoun (Presentation Slides)
    • Tailoring Recovery (Presentation Slides)
    • Implementing Best Evidence in Stroke Rehabilitation Practice: Role of an Advanced Practice Leader - Claire Perez and Joyce Fung (Presentation Slides)
    • How implementation science helped us change practices: The IRGLM’s experience with the Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network - Marie-Thérèse Laramée (Presentation Slides)


Plenary Session 2: Engaging Stakeholders to Drive Change

  1. Plenary Speaker - Vincent Dumez (Presentation Slides)
  2. Oral Presentations
    • Are They Really Lost? Exploring Health Researchers’ Understanding and Experiences with Knowledge Translation - Kathryn M. Sibley (Presentation Slides)
    • Raising awareness of the importance of exercise training in solid organ transplant: A description of a knowledge dissemination project - Tania Janaudis-Ferreira (Presentation Slides)
    • Translating Knowledge to Improve Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors Experiencing Cognitive Impairment - Michelle Donald (Presentation Slides)


Plenary Session 3: Application of Evidence to Inform Policy

  1. Plenary Speaker - Damien Contandripoulos (Presentation Slides)
  2. Oral Presentations
    • Policy Court: Where Participation, Policy and Research meet at the mall - Keiko Shikako-Thomas (Presentation Slides)


Closing Remarks

Presentation Slides




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