Interactive Day 2017

Edith Strass Interactive Day 2017


Engaging Patients as Partners in Knowledge Translation (KT)

The 8th annual Edith Strauss Interactive Day was hosted by the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Date & TIme of Event: June 2, 2017 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Venue: New Residence Conference Centre (3625 avenue du Parc, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3P8)


This educational event included:

  1. Two Keynote Speakers:
    • Dr. Susan Bartlett
    • Mr. Mathieu Jackson (Patient Partner)
  2. Oral presentations by funded research teams
  3. KT Café (short informal round-table discussions)
  4. How-To Workshop: Strategies for designing patient education interventions
    • Speakers: Dr. Liliane Asseraf-Pasin, Dr. Nancy Posel, Dr. Vanessa Bouchard
  5. Interactive Small group activity: Designing your own patient education intervention
  6. Large group discussion


For the event agenda, click here.


  1. Two Keynote Speakers:
    (Speaker biographies available here)
    • Dr. Susan Bartlett
    • Mr. Mathieu Jackson (Patient Partner)
  2. How-To Workshop Speakers:
    (Speaker biographies available here)
    • Dr. Liliane Asseraf-Pasin
    • Dr. Nancy Posel
    • Dr. Vanessa Bouchard



Presentation by 1st Keynote Speaker: Dr. Susan Bartlett

Presentation by 2nd Keynote Speaker: Mathieu Jackson

How-to Workshop Presentations:

  • Dr. Liliane Asseraf-Pasin - Slides
  • Dr. Vanessa Bouchard - Slides
  • Dr. Nancy Posel - Slides


Oral Presentations

  1. Meta-analysis: Effectiveness of the McKenzie method for low back pain - O. Lam (Edith Strauss awardee) and team
  2. Integrating international guidelines for pain education within physiotherapy programs across Canada: Development of a stakeholdergenerated implementation plan - J. Miller (T. Wideman) (Edith Strauss awardee) and team
  3. Getting on with your life with MS: Evaluation of a new self-management workbook for people living with MS - V. Bouchard (Edith Strauss awardee) and team
  4. A multifaceted, innovative technology-based intervention to move stroke rehabilitation guidelines into professional practice: an exploratory case study - D. Chin & C. Marini (Edith Strauss awardee) and team
  5. Improving Ethics Education in Canadian Physiotherapy Programs: A Knowledge Exchange Project - A. Hudon (Edith Strauss awardee) and team


KT Café (short informal round-table discussions)

  1. Stakeholders partnering for arthrogryposis research: client-centered care in rehabilitation (SPARC-Rehab) - V. Darsaklis (C. Elfassy) (Edith Strauss awardee) and team
  2. Maximizing stroke rehabilitation at the MUHC - T. Wein (A. Di Re) (Edith Strauss awardee) and team
  3. Change in rehabilitation clinicians’ practices related to upper limb management post-stroke over the past year: do changes align with best practice guidelines? - R. Purohit (Edith Strauss awardee) and team
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