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This section has the dates and descriptions of the School's annual events, and contains photo albums showing our faculty, alumni and students at work and play, at the School, on campus and in the community. Events are in order as they appear, from the beginning through to the end of each academic year. Be sure to join the McGill Alumni Online Community to keep your information current, as this ensures you don’t miss out on exclusive offers, news and messages from fellow grads. Mailings about events, Homecoming, Class reunions etc are no longer distributed from Central McGill University Advancement. 


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October 20, 2024 McGill Open House

At McGill's Open House, SPOT staffs a very busy kiosk welcoming potential applicants: what's the BEST thing about being an OT or a PT and why McGill is the TOP choice! Pre-registration opens in September at McGill Open House

October 25, 2024

SPOT Director's Homecoming Reception

At Homecoming every year, SPOT alumni, graduates, faculty & staff are invited to the Director's Homecoming Reception on the Friday of McGill's Homecoming weekend. In 2024, we will celebrate reunion years ending in "4" and "9"! While alumni of the anniversary years are especially welcome, all SPOT alumni are indeed invited!

RSVP is mandatory to attend the SPOT Homecoming reception. The RSVP link will be up in July.


[The date for Homecoming 2025 will be Friday October 24.]

November 21, 2024

Edith Aston-McCrimmon Lectureship

This annual inspirational lecture is presented by a nationally or internationally known person, usually about a topic related to the field of rehabilitation. Our honoured speaker in 2023 was Prof. Barbara Gibson, PhD, MSc, BMR(PT), from U of T.  Prof. Gibson developed the ‘SPEC’ curriculum examining the social, political, ethical, and cultural aspects of rehabilitation. Her work is interdisciplinary and intersectional, drawing upon sociological studies of health, bioethics, posthumanism, and critical disability studies. Prof. Gibson discussed how the emerging field of Critical Rehabilitation Studies mobilized to radically reorient rehab practice and research. “Things Could be Otherwise: Mobilizing Critical Rehabilitation.”

For past lectures, see this page.

RSVP for this year's event here closer to the event.

April 2025

2025 Name-Tag Ceremony

Students finishing their undergrad (U3) or their qualifying year (QY) receive McGill SPOT name-tags that identify them as McGill OT or PT students, with which to begin their clinical placements!

May 2025 Rehabilitation Research Colloquium and Shirley Metcalfe Memorial Lecture Every year, McGill University and Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) host the best and the brightest for presentations on recent advances in research on rehabilitation. The event alternates between Montreal (even years) and Kingston, Ont. (odd years). See this page for news about the Colloquium.
May 28, 2024

Health Sciences Convocation B
3 pm (15h00) (EST)

The Spring Health Sciences Convocation Ceremony "B" takes place on the Lower Field, beginning at 3 pm (15h00). You can watch the Health Sciences Convocation video. The date for Spring 2024 is Tuesday May 28, 2024. Please check out the tentative dates for future convocations, at this link.

May 28, 2024

Strawberries & Champagne Reception

SPOT's Convocation and Awards Reception, at which winners of SPOT Awards and graduates of the Professional Programs (OT and PT) as well as the Graduate Programs (MSc and PhD) are honoured, is held on the same day as the Health Sciences Convocation Ceremony. Tuesday May 28 from 11 am to 1 pm, at Hosmer House.

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June 6, 2024 Clinical Education Awards Clinical Education Awards Ceremony 2- 4 pm. This annual event is to recognize our outstanding rehabilitation community of clinical educators/supervisors. Check back for details closer to the time.
August 22, 2024 Masters' Research Projects Presentations and Lavigne-Smee Visiting Lecturer

Final year Professional Program (OT and PT) students present their research projects, prior to the start of their last student placement during their final autumn at SPOT.

images of graduates celebrating with their friends, families and faculty members

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