A helical image with text in the middle hub, in the next outer layer and then a final thin layer on the outer perimeter. The central hub contains a list of seven domains of brain, education, global health, musculoskeletal, heart and lung, mental health, and pain. On the next layer, which appears to spiral and emanate from the hub, the eight research strategies are shown in separate sections, these are methodological innovations, therapeutic approaches, underlying mechanisms, technologies for health, promoti

The School of Physical & Occupational Therapy (SPOT) has over 30 researchers working across the broad spectrum of rehabilitation science.

Discover our 7 research domains, 8 research strategies, and 3 life stages used to approach our research projects.

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October 2023

Hudon, A., Augeard, N., Tansey, C.M., Houston, E., Bostick, G., & Wideman, T.H. (2023). Does feeling pain help prepare future clinicians to treat pain? A qualitative exploration of a novel experiential approach to teaching health professional students about pain, Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.

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Cristini, J., Kraft, V.S., De las heras, B., Rodrigues, L., Parwanta, Z., Hermsdorfer, J., Steib, S., & Roig, M. (2023). Differential effects of acute cardiovascular exercise on explicit and implicit motor memory: The moderating effects of fitness level. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.

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Robbins,S.M., Renaud, P.J., MacInnis, N., & Pearsall, D.J. (2023). Differences in trunk–shoulder inter-joint coordination and sequencing between elite and recreational ice hockey players during slap shots. Sports Engineering, 26(46).



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