A helical image with text in the middle hub, in the next outer layer and then a final thin layer on the outer perimeter. The central hub contains a list of seven domains of brain, education, global health, musculoskeletal, heart and lung, mental health, and pain. On the next layer, which appears to spiral and emanate from the hub, the eight research strategies are shown in separate sections, these are methodological innovations, therapeutic approaches, underlying mechanisms, technologies for health, promoti

The School of Physical & Occupational Therapy (SPOT) has over 30 researchers working across the broad spectrum of rehabilitation science.

Discover our 7 research domains, 8 research strategies, and 3 life stages used to approach our research projects.

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August 2022

Xiang, L., Bansal, S., Wu, A.Y., & Roberts, T.L. (2022). Pathway of care for visual and vestibular rehabilitation after mild traumatic brain injury: a critical review. Brain Injury, 2, 1-10. 10.1080/02699052.2022.2105399

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Palimeris, S., Ansari, Y., Remaud, A., Tremblay, F., Corriveau, H., Boudrias, M.H., & Milot, M.H. (2022). Effect of a tailored upper extremity strength training intervention combined with direct current stimulation in chronic stroke survivors: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Science.

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Yan, X., Boudrias, M.H., & Mitsis, G.D. (2022). Removal of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation EEG Artifacts Using Blind Source Separation and Wavelets. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering


July 2022

Killeen, H., & Anaby, D.R. (2022). The impact of parent involvement on improving participation of children born preterm: The story in the baseline. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications 28(100942).

Frenkel-Toledo, S., Levin, M.F., Berman, S., Liebermann, D.G., Baniña, M.C., Solomon, J.M., Ofir-Geva, S., & Soroker, N. (2022). Shared and distinct voxel-based lesion-symptom mappings for spasticity and impaired movement in the hemiparetic upper limb. Scientific Reports, 12(10169).

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Weiler, H.A., Hazell, T.J., Majnemer, A., Vanstone, C.A., Gallo, S., & Rodd, C.J. (2022). Vitamin D supplementation and gross motor development: A 3-year follow-up of a randomized trial. Early Human Development.

Negreanu, K., Wang, Z.A., Campanelli, J., Zappia, A., Massierer, D., Spahija, J., & Janaudis-Ferreira, T. (2022). Inclusion of Exercise Prescription in Solid Organ Transplant in Physical Therapy Curricula Across Canadian Universities: A National Survey. Physiotherapy Canada. DOI: 10.3138/ptc-2020-0118

Saeed, H.M., Schwarz, L., & Hunt, M. (2022). Ethical Considerations Associated with Closing a Non-communicable Disease Program in a Humanitarian Setting. Canadian Journal of Bioethics, 5(2) 132-135.

Ataman, R., Ahmed, S., Zidan, A., & Thomas, A. (2022). Understanding how newly implemented rehabilitation best practices are sustained: a realist review. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Clément, M.A., Lee, K., Park, M., Sinn, A., & Miyake, N. (2022). The Need for Sensory-Friendly “Zones”: Learning From Youth on the Autism Spectrum, Their Families, and Autistic Mentors Using a Participatory Approach. Frontiers in Psychology, 13(883331)

Salbach, N., Mountain, A., …. Fung, J., …. White, K., & Yao, J. (2022). Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations: Virtual Stroke Rehabilitation Consensus Statement 2022. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. doi: 10.1097/PHM.000000000000206

Nguenha, N., Bialous, S., Matavel, J., & Lencucha, R. (2022). Tobacco industry presence and practices in Mozambique: a ‘chaotic’ but worthy market. Tobacco Control.

Kleiner, M.J., Kinsella, E.A., Miciak, M., Teachman G., & Walton, D.W. (2022). The ‘responsive’ practitioner: physiotherapists’ reflections on the ‘good’ in physiotherapy practice. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice,

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Lyland, Z.A., Walton, D.M., & Kinsella, E.A. (2022). “Maybe I would’ve been more comfortable in my Ignorance?”: Exploring future physical therapist’s lived experience of an elective pain science course. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.

Ibrahim, M., Cardiff, K., Nhan, I., Savarimuthu, V., Yao, K., Kasai, S., Posel, N., & Soicher, J. (2022). Development of an evidence-based educational resource in oncology: ‘Living safely with bone metastases’. PEC Innovation.

Cramptom, A., Schneider, K.J., Grilli, L., Chevignard, M., Katz-Leurer, M., Beauchamp, M.H., Debert, C., & Gagnon, I.J. (2022). Determining the Agreement Between Common Measures Related to Vestibulo-ocular Reflex Function After a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents. Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation.

Bui, T.A., Pohl, M., Rosenfelt, C., Ogourtsova, T., Yousef, M., Whitlock, K., Majnemer, A., Nicholas, D., Demmans Epp, C., Zaiane, O., Bolduc, F.V. (2022). Identifying Potential Gamification Elements for A New Chatbot for Families with Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A User-Centred Design Approach. JMIR Human Factors. 10.2196/31991

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