A helical image with text in the middle hub, in the next outer layer and then a final thin layer on the outer perimeter. The central hub contains a list of seven domains of brain, education, global health, musculoskeletal, heart and lung, mental health, and pain. On the next layer, which appears to spiral and emanate from the hub, the eight research strategies are shown in separate sections, these are methodological innovations, therapeutic approaches, underlying mechanisms, technologies for health, promoti

The School of Physical & Occupational Therapy (SPOT) has over 30 researchers working across the broad spectrum of rehabilitation science.

Discover our 7 research domains, 8 research strategies, and 3 life stages used to approach our research projects.

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November / December 2023

Bédard, M., Maxwell, H., Weaver, B., Stinchcombe, A., Gélinas, I., Mazer, B., … & Marshall, S. (2023). Older drivers reduced engagement in distracting behaviors over a six-year period: Findings from the Candrive longitudinal study . The Journals of Gerontology: Series B.

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Waisman-Nitzan, M., Ivzori, Y., & Anaby, D. (2023). Promoting Participation-Focused Practices in Inclusive Educational Settings: Stakeholders’ Perspectives Following a Knowledge Translation Initiative. American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

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Brennan, J., Kelleher, M., Motto-Ochoa, R., Blain-Moraes, S., & Sullivan, L.S. (2023). Situated Personhood: Insights from Caregivers of Minimally Communicative Individuals. IJFAB, 16(2).

Shi, Zhiyang, Comeau, J., Bloom, G.A., Gainforth, H., Thomas, A., & Sweet, S.N. (2023). Delivery of a community-based peer mentorship program for people with spinal cord injury at a rehabilitation center. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences. doi: 10.3389/fresc.2023.1296505

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Hsieh, Y.H., Ryan, M., & Anaby, D. (2023). Towards multi-faceted outcomes of participation-based interventions: mapping the PREP’s effects for children and youth with disabilities. Disability and Rehabilitation.

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Hunt, M., Beaulieu, I.M., & Saeed, H.M. (2023). What Does ‘Closing Well’ Entail for Humanitarian Project Data? Seven Questions as Humanitarian Health Projects Are (Being) Closed or Handed Over. The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, 5(2).

Kim, S., Rochette, A., Ahmed, S., Arcchambault, P.S., … Kehayia, E., Kinsella, E.A., … Snider, L., Swaine, B., … & Thomas, A. (2023). Creating synergies among education/research, practice, and policy environments to build capacity for the scholar role in occupational therapy and physiotherapy in the Canadian context. Advances in Health Sciences Education.

Davis, G.A., Schneider, K.J., … Gagnon, I., … Yeates, K.O., Zemek, R., Patricios, J.S. (2023). Pediatric Sport-related Concussion: Recommendations From the Amsterdam Consensus Statement 2023. Pediatrics, e2023063489.

Ryan, M., Shahin, S., Waisman-Nitzan, M., & Anaby, D. (2023). Is the Y-PEM useful for me? Perspectives of youth with visual impairment. Disability and Rehabilitation.


January / February 2024

Giroux, C.M., Maggio, L.A., Saldanha, C., Bussières, A., & Thomas, A. (2023). Twitter as a Mechanism of Knowledge Translation in Health Professions Education: An Exploratory Content Analysis. Journal of the Netherlands Association of Medical Education, 12(1), 529-539. DOI: 10.5334/pme.1053

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Frisch, N., Heischel, L., Wanner, P., Kern, S., Gursoy, C.N., Roig, M., Feld, G., & Steib, S. (2023). An acute bout of high-intensity exercise affects nocturnal sleep and sleep-dependent memory consolidation. Journal of Sleep Research. e14126. doi: 10.1111/jsr.14126

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Lévesque, M.C., Kutcher, A., Roy, L., Linton, P., Trapper, L., Torrie, J.E., & Macdonald, M.E. (2023). Eeyou/Eenou community voices on ‘doing’ Miyupimaatisiiun (wellness) planning: An occupational transactional perspective. Journal of Occupational Science.

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Heslon, K., Hanson, J.H., & Ogourtsova, T. (2024). Mental Health in Children with Disabilities and Their Families: Red Flags, Services' Impact, Facilitators, Barriers, and Proposed Solutions. Front. Rehabil. Sci. doi: 10.3389/fresc.2024.1347412

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Lackie, K., Miller, S., Brown, M., Mireault, A., Helwig, M., Beatty, L., Picketts, L., Stilwell, P., & Houk, S. (2024). Interprofessional collaboration between health professional learners when breaking bad news: a scoping review of teaching approaches. JBI Evidence Synthesis. DOI: 10.11124/JBIES-22-00437

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