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Research Seminars in Rehabilitation Science

Recent Research Seminar

Michaud Feb 10 2015Michaud Feb 10 2015

Marshall Feb 17 2015Marshall Feb 17 2015

Kairy March 10 2015

Shikako-Thomas March 17 2015

Swaine March 31 2015

Ogourtsova April 7 2015

For further information, call Maria Ruocco at (514) 398-2271 or Dr. Eva Kehayia at (514) 398-5867.

Research Seminars available on the web

Past seminars presented at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy and/or presented by members of the School for the Center for Continuing Medical Education (CME) of McGill University are available for offline viewing on the internet.

You are welcome to view these seminars, which present up-to-date research in Rehabilitation Science!