Research Administration Roles and Responsibilities

Initially released in November 2012, the Research Administration - Roles and Responsibilities document was developed by an internal working group, the Tri-Agency Response Implementation Group (TRIG), in response to the first recommendation of the Final Report of the Tri-Agency Financial Monitoring Review, that the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the management of research grant funds must be well-defined and understood. The roles and responsibilities focus on the administration of research funding from the pre-award phase to project close-out.

Summary of Roles and Responsibilities (see Roles and Responsibilities document for full list)

Researcher /Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Ensure all research is conducted according to governing principles, policies, regulations of the institution and the sponsor over the life of the project

Dean/Associate Dean/Departmental Chair/Director of School or Institute

  • Communicate and advocate the University’s highest level of integrity and compliance with all relevant administrative policies and regulations, for all sponsored research projects.

Faculty Financial Officer (FFO) / Director of Administration

  • Coordinate the dissemination and local implementation of research administration policies, procedures and guidelines to Faculty and Departmental staff.

Financial Service Team (FSTs) / Administrative Officers

  • Act as a primary point of contact for Researchers requiring financial / administrative assistance during the life cycle of the research funding
  • Advocate and apply applicable policies and procedures as they apply to research funds to ensure compliance

Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)

  • Manage the pre-award, contract negotiation and post-award processes for research funding

Research Financial Management Services (RFMS)

  • Manage all aspects related to the financial administration of research funding
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